Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Masterpiece Cobra Nemesis Prime

And here I am again with another Nemesis repaint scheme. I've been doing a lot of black repaints until a friend of mine said that don't I have any other color to repaint. Well, as I've said to others before, it all depends on my customers. If they want black, then I'll give them black. I am getting paid for it right? Heh...

Alritey then, now..what's the difference with this Masterpiece Optimus Prime? In general he was repainted to the normal RK Designs Nemesis Scheme, but there was an added extra touch to him. My customer/good friend wanted to add the Cobra emblem to his shoulder (you know, the baddies in the G.I. Joe series?). Furthermore, he gave me some extra weaponries (taken from the 1/60 Strike Gundam weapons set) and asked me to repaint to suit this particular Nemesis.

So with that task in hand. I proceeded. This fella was done way back, before my Solarstreak project but due to sum unforeseen circumstances, but I preferred the owner to take the pictures. And who else would give so much justification to this guy than Arya from TransMy (who is also the owner).

Now, on with the images...

The main bad bot himself:

Close ups. As you can see, I gave him a slight dirty look to the silver parts to make him have that wear and tear look.

The weaponries:

The face off!

Nemesis Matrix...

PS: As you can see the Cobra emblems looks a little badly done (to me that is...). It's the second one that I did. The first one which was a better version had an accident and it was...erm..melted..literally...hope I can do better next time, and keep those darn cats out of my work room!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Alternators Gone Wild

Well, Robotcon 2007 is finally over. The 3rd TransMy gathering was a bash and I manage to win myself an Optimash and a T-shirt. heh. Anyhoo, its been a while since I've updated RK Designs with some of my latest works.

Let's start with the ones done before the hectic life of Robotcon. As the title says, it's all about the Transformers toyline called the Alternators (US) or Binaltechs (Japan). I was given the monumental task of repainting one alternator and do a kitbash on a binaltech.

Who were those unlucky bots to go to my repaint workshop? An alternator Swindle and a binaltech Grimlock with Silverstreak head.

First up would be Swindle. His original color was yellowish brown. His color was based on his original G1 color. So what was my task? My customer wanted it to be made gold. Swindle was suppose to be a testbed for my next project which is going to be with the same customer who is now a good friend of mine. He wanted everything on Swindle pimped to bling bling status.

The verdict?

I present to you all, Bling Bling Swindle.

Now, the next project was a kitbash. I was given a Binaltech Grimlock body and a Silverstreak head. The color scheme would be something like G1 HotRod or G1 Rodimus. First thing that I had to do was, fix the head. Silverstreak's head didn't properly fit and easily came off. So, opened the head and fit in a small part for ball joints. Then I increased the size of the ball joint to make the fitting nice and tight. Once that was done, paint stripping was done and repainted it nicely.

And I present to you Solarstreak.

Vehicle Mode:

Binaltech Solarstreak:

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Robotcon 2007

Hey all!

There haven't been any updates lately since I've been busy with some projects and events. But there will be soon. As I'm typing this, I'm hanging out at my fav hangout place Toy Workers. So I can't update any new projects that I've worked for the past few weeks.

But, I do have some super duper news. I'm proud to inform everybody that's reading this that we will be having our very first Robotcon. What's a Robotcon you might ask? It stands for robot convention.

Enough typing and here are the details.

(Do click on the picture to view it bigger so you all can see the details...)