Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Voyager Movie Megatron Re-Imagined

Wouldn't you believe that this is the second update for the week? Woohoo? Heh...well, not necessarily since this fella was completed a couple of days back.

Okay, so what's the story on this bad boy? Simple. Original colors sucked and needed an overhaul. My friend wanted me to do something a bit more darker. He gave me a link to have a look see, and it was pretty nice. And as always, RK Designs will try to follow and give a slight 'RK' touch (cue Stan Bush's 'The Touch'...) to it.

I gave the fella a silver undercoat then later applied a slight rust brown to it. Later adding the black shadings. The shadings had some gloss to it and enhanced the metal look to it. And there you have lads and lasses...

Voyager Class Movie Megatron Re-Imagined

A little close ups.


*Click on the pics to view them bigger.

Well, until the next update!

Oodelaly everyone!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Movie Bumblebee Camarro '08 Revamped

Looks like the 'bee just got pimped by RK Designs.

Honestly, this project was done quite some time ago, but due to some unexpected reasons, this fella only managed to pop up now.

Okay, so what's the beef about him? For starters this is the Deluxe Movie Bumblebee. But its the later version, the Camarro '08. Why is this fella so downright popular? Well, for one thing it was because of the movie and second this particular toy just kicks butt.

Why the re-deco? Simple. Its what my customer wanted. Heh. This particular customer (which is now my good friend) has two of these. He had this idea of wanting it colored close to his Generation One counterpart. I took his idea and added a little of my own vision.

What do you get? Have a look...

Movie Bumblebee Revamped


Transformers Movie Hero:

*Click the images to see 'em bigger ya...

As you can see I'm missing the vehicle images. The reason? I forgot all about it when I took these pictures. Weird eh? But that usually happens to me, no worries, I hope my good pal Fahmi (I know your reading this...hahaha) to take some pictures of this fella in vehicle mode. So in other words, this story will be continued.


Saturday, August 11, 2007

G1 Star Convoy Remodeled

As promised, the update begins. Honestly, the update should have begun with a Classics Thundercracker but like I mentioned before, the pics aren't prepared yet.

So what was the next project? A remodeled G1 Star Convoy from a Galaxy Force Megalo Convoy. This project has been on going for roughly a month plus, but only manage to get it uploaded here now since I didn't manage to pass it to my good pal Arya (the owner if you all might ask...). I purposely didn't take any of my own pics since the thought of only Arya could justify this fella.

Okay, a little brief on the makings. It started of with a base robot Megalo Convoy. This big boy was huge, and had the best articulation on a Transformer. So, after comparing it to the original G1 Star almost matched. What about the head? Well, I had an old G2 Laser Optimus Prime which was a really bad shape. Took the head and remodeled it a bit with a ball joint system. The V-fin on the forehead was made with Pla-plate and an some detailing parts for Gundam. The chest and shoulder cannons were taken from my busted 1/100 Gundam Leopard. And what happened next? Go on and have a look...

G1 Star Convoy Remodeled (RK Designs version)
* Click on the images to see bigger and better resolution versions.

Vehicle mode:

Robot mode:

In action:

Comparison to the original G1 Star Convoy:

G1 Star Convoy Remodeled

I'd like to say thanks to those who have been supporting me in my work. And just to inform, RK Designs is now a legit business. It's been registered and slowly working its way in the world ...Again, if it wasn't for loyal supporters (who have become my regular customers) there wouldn't even be an RK Designs.

Another thing I'd like to mention, a saddening news that a good friend of mine has taken leave of collecting Transformers. He informed me that he was quitting and planning to sell most of his collection. Why it disheartened me? Because this friend of mine was the one that was originally responsible for helping RK Designs to be where it is now. I hope that you won't totally leave Transformers collecting bro...maybe one day you'll get the mood again and join us again in the world of collecting. Again thanks Shah...for everything (that includes Alt Mirage, SolarStreak and the rest of the gifts you gave..heh...)

I bit you all adieu till the next update!

Friday, August 10, 2007

A Lot of Work Due In RK Designs Blog

Heya good seems this blog o' mine has been rather slow in the update department. Before anything or any conclusions, don't worry to those who've been following RK Designs. Just lately I've been swamped with work (doing some part time work for now) and a lot of commissioned repaints as well. Not that I'm't bite the hand that feeds right?

Theres some updates that I haven't done yet, which I know I need to post a.s.a.p...but its not gonna be now since I haven't prepared the photos yet...heh...this post here is just to inform those who have been loyally following this blog, that its not dead but just delayed.

But to those who wants to have a look at one of my works, you can check out the blog of a good friend of mine. A fellow Transformer fan and one helluva writer.

My work for him was a G1 lining design for his Alternator Meister (Autobot Jazz to those who are Transformally challenged...) and he ordered one of my Classics Dirge. So how was the outcome of the work for him? Check out his blog ya...he posted there. (Hey Eyeris, I'm pimpin' yer blog as well here, and thanks a bunch for the pimpin'!...hahahaha)

Eyeris's Alternator Meister <-- Click here to see the fella...

Well, thats about it for now. But I'll give you all some names that will be popping up here in RK Designs.

- Classics Thundercracker - Done!
- Voyager Movie Megatron - Done!
- Deluxe Bumblebee Camarro 2008 - Done!
- Classics Ultra Magnus NBE01 - In Progress-
- Cybertron Exillion to Hot Rod - In Progress-
- Classics Thrust (yep...better believe it people..) - In Progress-
- Alternator Nemesis Prime RK Designs version - Done!
- Alternator Blue Streak - In Progress-

Theres a few more others which are awaiting the 'GO' signal from my as you can see...there's gonna be one heckuva update soon...

Stay tuned!