Sunday, September 30, 2007

Movie Megatron RE-Done

Okay, another Movie Megatron repaint. Heh...Well, I know that I did it before but if you all remember, the one that I did before was my first and the pictures taken wasn't as good. This time around, the Megatron belonged to Arya (you know, the fella who can take really good pictures of his repaints? Yeah...thats him). So I purposely didn't take pics of my own since I know very well that he would be able to justify the Megatron wonderfully.

Enough said, here is Movie Megatron in all his prime! (Get it? Prime? Megatron's enemy? *sigh*)

Movie Megatron

Cybertronian Jet Mode:

Close Ups:

Misc Shots: Megatron in Action!

"It's just me Prime!"

What did I tell ya? This friend of mine does have an eye in photography!

Until next time, Cheeriosos!

Movie Jazz - Nemesis Style!

I have a good friend who came to me with a really new idea for one of the Transformer movie toys. As you all should know by now, the name Nemesis means the black colored version of any Prime. But with my friend Jason, he wanted something different, so he gave me a movie Jazz and asked me to 'Nemesize' it. I'm all up to do it since it was a new 'thang' for me.

On the vehicle mode I gave him the trademark Nemesis color stripes and a nice semi gloss paintjob. For the internal robot parts I applied the outer-shading techniques to enhance the robotic look to it.

And here it is. (Before anything, I'd like to apologize for the pics since there wasn't enough lighting and I had to use flash and also increase the brightness in Photoshop...gomei-nei)

Nemesis Jazz

Vehicle Mode:

Misc Shots with Shield and Pose:

I really enjoyed repainting this guy since the scratch points were very minimal and even to a point there weren't any at all. Here's a hint on my next Trasnformer Movie toy repaint: He's in gold colors.


Zoids Liger Zero RE-Made

I've been wanting to do a Zoids kit eversince i knew the existence of the ligers. I used to be fascinated by the constructs and look of each Zoid, but I never manage to get one. Well, I was having some other priorities and picking up a Zoid at that time was kinda...ermm..not important. The only Zoid I had that time was a present from my parents, which was the Lidier. A vintage Zoid during the 80's and a sabertooth tiger version.

Okay, so I finally got myself a Liger, namely the Liger Zero. Traded it with my brother since he wasn't into Zoids anymore. First thing that I realised, the Zero was molded in yellowish white colors. It looked...old and mouldy. here is my first Zoids repainted works. With all the practice I got from painting Transformers and Gundams, it worked out well I think. Recolored the main body and did the pre-shading technique. I enhanced the gold areas which were the teeth and the claws.

The Liger Zero.

Close Ups:

Misc Shots:

After building and painting this fella, I have a whole new perspective of Zoids. All I can do now is wait for my Murasame, Hayate and Mugen to arrive at my doorsteps.

Here's to waiting!


Saturday, September 22, 2007

Alternator Nemesis Prime - RK Version

This fella was my own pet project, it was sort of abandoned for a few months. I know...I know, theres the exclusive Nemesis Prime alternator in the market (but the price went up the roof and I don't think I'd want to spend that butt load of money on a piece of plastic...) so I decided to get myself a loose Alternator Prime and repainted him to Nemesis styling...with a little added racing stripes.

Okay, basically it was a simple paint job...but I did a small boo-boo on the windshield and ended up having to repaint the clear, see through windshield red. What boo-boo did I do? Meet me personally and I'll tell ya. It's too embarrassing to tell it here. Hah!

Anyhoo, enough talk...

Alternator Nemesis Prime (RK Version)

Vehicle Mode:

"I like pie!!"

Okay...Nemesis never said that but I've been dying to use that phrase for as far as I can remember. If you don't get it its fine, it's a personal joke for myself. *Laughing alone*


Movie Optimus Prime Upgraded

Last work on a leader class movie optimus prime was the nemesis version for Botcon '07. That was like a few months ago. Well, I was comissioned another prime, but this time around it was just an upgrade. Nothing spectacular or refurbishing of the whole body but a simple touch up on the internal parts. The reason was pretty simple, the internals were pretty sucky despite a darn good bot.

So after checking out the areas that needed the repaints, I worked on disassembling and as usual applied the undercoat and worked on it. I gave it the same touch I gave on the leader class megatron. Silver and black shadings.

Here it is:

Leader Class Optimus Prime (RK Cosmetic Upgrade)

Close Ups:

"Freedom is the right for all sentient beings..."

Well, that's the upgraded look I gave to prime, hope one day I can do a full upgrade look like the movie version. Now thats a project worth challenging!


Saturday, September 15, 2007

Classics Thundercracker

Before I begin, I would like to apologize to my friend asked me to repaint his Classics Skywarp to Thundercracker for posting this fella in RKDesigns very very late.

This lil guy here was done a month plus or so way back even before the voyager class movie Megatron. Why you might ask? Simple, I misplaced the folder containing the images and I thought it was lost for all eternity. heh.

Anyhoo, manage to find the folder and i chose the best pics to show how Classics Skywarp became Classics Thundercracker. This was my first try and there are some flaws in it. So be on the lookout of an upcoming version 2.0 along with a few seekers that I'm repainting and rebuilding ( heard it right, 'rebuilding'...).

Here it is, Classics Thundercracker:

Robot Mode:

Jet Mode:

That's all I can upload right now, but there will be more to come. It's just kinda hard lately to go online now. But don't worry, RKDesigns is always around.

Tally Ho!