Thursday, October 16, 2008

No Updates For October

Hey all,

This isn't an update, just a small note to inform that I'm still alive and kicking. Reason? I received an email a few days ago from someone asking if RK Designs was still in business. Well, it still is and I would like to apologize to those who has been following my work and also to my clients/friends who hope to see their stuff being shown here.

For the month of October there will be no update, not because there isn't anything to show, it's just because the things to show aren't fully done yet. Again I apologize.

Reason for this? Well, it's been rather hectic in my schedule lately and to make time for my works is getting hard to come by. First its my day job, which takes up to almost 12 hours of it (lecturing in a local university and this semester has my students bugging me like crazy...hah!). Second its because of my studies (taking part time doing my Masters in Art and Design...and the amount of bleeding assignments and projects is putting me near death!...I see a tunnel..and a white light...wait...thats my room...LOL) and third are my small commitments (but this one is okay since I do get the occasional break from it...heh).

But just in case you all are interested in what's to come in November, here are some of the 'IN PROGRESS' works...

- Star Wars Millenium Falcon 2008 Edition (repaint)
- MG Akatsuki Conversion Kit (Gunpla)
- Transformers Alternators Army (which is going slow and steady...)
- Transformers Neo Protectobots (repaint and kitbash project)
- GaoGaiGar (conversion project)

Thats just a bit of the highlights. Okay, I'm off to continue with the stuff I mentioned earlier. Hope to see you all soon!