Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hasbro X-Wing Red Two


Now how long has it been? Awhile right? Yeah I know it is...Well, I've been busy with moving and all, which actually took more time than I thought. Hahahaha...

Anyhoo, just a couple of weeks ago I managed to set up my studio. FINALLY! Actually not fully, since my toys are mostly still in boxes. Just had to make sure that my airbrushing area and all the equipment are ready. And sure it is. So, once it was all done I had to tackle the job that I left quite awhile back. Thankfully the owner was cool with it, maybe I was burning out since I wasn't as productive as I used to be...

Okay, so what did I do? Read the title? Yep...another Hasbro X-Wing. This time around it's Red Two, or Wedge Antilles personal fighter. Now as we all know, the new X-wing's are pretty awesome. Close to being accurate to the real thing, but not as good as any Finemolds kit. But beggars can't be choosers right?

So, after some planning and instructions from the owner...I got to it! (well it was already primed and pre-shaded...heheheh) One of the reasons this project took a long time was designing the cockpit. The owner actually wanted me to design and if it was possible to create a light up cockpit with all the details. I made a few prototypes but it all got messed up as well as trying to smack it in the fighter, it didn't work. It took me months. When I finally decided to just give it details in the cockpit.

For a detailed look at the 'Works In Progress' for the cockpit area, check out my Facebook page for it at: 'Red Two's Cockpit Details'.

Once it was all done, went to finalising the body. Gave it a different feel this time around. All the black or darken areas were given the drybrushing treatment.

Here it is, finally.

Hasbro X-Wing Red Two

Alrights. Looks like this guy is done. After showing some preview pictures to him, he was pretty excited to get it. And when the day came, let's just say...I was a happy painter, he loved it!

So till next time, keep on customising people!