Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kotobukiya Dyenguar with AUBenseiter


Well actually this isn't an update of my latest work, its one work that I totally forgot that I did. LOL.

While I'm working on a few projects right now (trying to finish them before I go for my holidays) I stumbled upon this particular work that I did in early 2008. It was commissioned to me by a friend and heck knows how I totally forgot about it. How I stumbled onto it? I googled myself (yeah, think what you want people...).

So here it is, Kotobukiya's Dyenguar with AUBenseiter from the Super Robot War series. I purposely did a matte finish on AUBenseiter (the horse) to complement Dyenguar (rider).

Enough said...here it is...a blast from the past...the year is 2008...



Dyenguar and AUBenseiter

Now wasn't that a blast? Pictures are credited to my good pal Arya. His shots are amazing!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

6 Inch Ironman 2 Mark VI repaint


I've got piles of work that needs to be finished before I go for my holidays. Talk about a busy month. Thankfully I've got really understanding customers, so..thanks a bunch guys..

Recently I managed to get my hands on some 6 inch Ironman 2 figures. When the toys came out in the 3 inch series I was totally not interested. Didn't even plan to get any...until I found out they came out in 6 inches...

So with my lovely wife getting me a War Machine, I had to have the Mark 6. The details and mold itself was fantastic. But as usual, I didn't really like the colors. I know the Mark 6 is an upgrade, but the color scheme seemed incomplete (to me that is).

I preferred the Mark III scheme, so after playing with the figure for awhile...I got him into the studio to be repainted. Following the Mark III scheme and used a different kind of red. First I started with the priming, making sure I got all of the areas then later applied a silver as the base coat. Then applied gloss red to bring up the beautiful shine and later applied metallic red, then did some heavy masking and applied the gold. Added some panel linings and touched up some gold areas via hand brushing. Once done, I applied two layers of gloss coat for the finishing...

And yes. I was happy after that. When put next to War Machine, they are matched. Heh...

Ironman 2 Mark VI - repainted to Mark III color scheme

Ironman 2 Mark VI and War Machine

Peace out!