Tuesday, December 25, 2007

I'm On Youtube!!

Hey all...

Sadly but no updates for the moment. Accidently deleted most of my latest works in the digicam, so as you all would know, I have to at re-take all the pics...goddarnit...

Anyhoo...until my upcoming updates which are a resin kit and a couple of TFTM repaints, just wanted to share with you all that I've been 'youtube-ed'.

More than a week ago, a group of students from one of our local universities decided to take me as one of their subject matter in their project. It seems I was recommended to them by a friend of mine and truth be told, I felt honored. So after a whole day of shooting (which later you can see how clean my room is...heh...yeah rite...) the did the editing and uploaded in on 'youtube'.

Here's the link and for the first time ever, you all (to those who don't know me or how I look like...) will be able to see my face and...*gasp*...talking!! And it is true, that the camera does add a few pounds on us, the double chin you see later is all the camera...yep...all of it...heh...

Me On Youtube <---click 'ere!


Wednesday, December 5, 2007

TFTM Voyager Nemesis Prime


Well, it's been awhile since I've done any Nemesis color scheme projects. And lo' behold here is one of them. I've been itching to work on a TFTM Voyager Optimus because I think the proportion looks nice, the only downpart is those humongous backpack which is his front end of his truck mode.

Okay, a friend comissioned to do this fella (heh..he's been wanting to do a Voyager Nemesis like ages ago, the problem is he couldn't find another extra figure to paint...lol). So as usual disassembling the guy to itty bitty little pieces. It was kinda new to me since it's my first Voyager (kinda tired of doing Leader Megatrons and Primes...) so I had to be careful not to accidently take out parts which aren't suppose to be taken out (not to mention forgetting which part goes where...heh...). Using my usual custom Nemesis colors (i found out someone is using the same scheme as me now...go figure...but those who are used to my work will know that its an unofficial patented color to RK Designs right?...erm...right guys?)

Enough chatter, here is the big mean guy in all his glory.

TFTM Voyager NemesisPrime

Close ups:


Vehicle mode:

"Till All Shall Die!" - Nemesis Prime

Thats all for now good people. There will be more...so stay tuned! By the way, I'm also working on my first resin kit. It's something new, so just be on the lookout once it's done. And also I would like to mention some upcoming Gunpla projects, the 1/100 Gundam Exia and MG F-91.

Until next time then...Cheriohohoho...