Thursday, July 28, 2011


Hey all,

A few days ago I was startled to hear of some quite disturbing news. Upon investigation, I think it is safe for me to inform this matter to my readers and also clients.

RK Designs is NOT ASSOCIATED to any local toy shop in doing customisation/repaints.

If there are shops who take in commissioned works and stating it as on my behalf, please contact me at

Up until now, RK Designs does DIRECT DEALINGS with clients who are interested to do customisation/repaints. I have not associated myself with any toy shops or given any kind of agreement that they (the toy shops) I do commissioned works under their name.

Furthermore, if you come across any customs for sale that is said to have been done by me...please search this blog on it's appearance, and if it is not here...send me an email and attach photos for confirmation by me.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this post and I greatly appreciate the support given to RK Designs in all these years.

Here's to hoping to give you all more custom works and products!


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

1/35 Tamiya 88mm Gunflak


Military Build.

What is it? An 88mm Gunflak kit. What made it memorable? The awesome details and figures! (Yes, I really had to learn how to paint 1/35 figures a.s.a.p!)

It was a pretty tricky kit which you need to combine a wheel setting with the gunflak. Held by a screw it looked quite impressive. Gave it some details, but more or less the figure painting was the most fun I had.

Sorry for the setting. Heh. I'm really quite the lazy bum when it comes to do the settings. Always thought that why bother with the backgrounds when the main star is the work...Right? Lol.

So till next time!

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Friday, July 22, 2011

1/48 Mitsubishi Zero Fighter and Focke Wolfe Fw190


Another military build, but this time its...AIRPLANES!!! YAY!...

Okay, after so long of wanting to try my hand at building and painting fighter planes...I got my chance. My usual client has got himself into the world of WWII airplane collecting. And the lucky guy who gets to build for him is...ME!

So, how was it? Pretty interesting since it's different from tanks. You see, on airplanes we have to do lots of clean ups and not to mention the details are really amazing. But unlike tanks, painting planes are a bit different. How different? Have a look...

1/48 Tamiya Mitsubishi Zero Fighter

1/48 Tamiya Focke Wolfe Fw190

Overall it was fun. Yep. The challenge was more on the figure/pilots. I do hope to get more planes to build since I'd like to try out some other techniques that I've learned from model plane magazines (yes...I've begun to buy them now instead of Gundam

So till my next post!


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Trumpeter 1/35 Russia SAM-6 Antiaircraft Tank


Here's another military build that I did a few months ago.

This is another Trumpeter kit (which I think challenges the heck outta me) of Russia's SAM-6 Antiaircraft Launcher/Tank.

Pretty much applied the usual styles since my client wanted me to follow the pictures on the box. But I added a little bit more of detailing since I thought that the original colors looked too plain. The missiles with their small details in attaching it to the launch pad was pretty nifty.

The most challenging part was building the tank treads. Yes! It had to be built INDIVIDUALLY!! God knows how trying it was, since I'm used to treads that are already made (and its rubber too!). But it was an experience and like always, I treasure them...

Alright, another military kit notched in my resume...heh...

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Monday, July 11, 2011

XOvergen Grand Patriot


Okay, it's quite rare that I would be asked to repaint a third party Transformer figure. Furthermore this time it's from the company XOvergen.

It was said that this version of Optimus Prime is the version from the Transformers vs G.I.Joe comic series. They can't use the original name due to licensing reasons and it looks pretty good. But being the first try from this company, there were some problems and flaws to the figure. I won't mention much on it, since I'm here to REPAINT! LOL.

Alright, my client wanted me to use my military modelling style on this guy. So, I opt to use a darker shade of green. As you can see...the original has...erm...a very bright look to it.

Ahem...not really good to go into battle with this colors aye?

As usual, I'd do some pre-shading to get the right tone to it. Since this guy has a lot of edges, it would look really awesome. Now, once I've applied the pre-shades, I added some really dark green (mixture of 40% green and 60% black) to do the outer shadings to it...then used some silver for the dry brush on the body.

Now, the torso and upper legs I originally used silver. But then again it was kinda funny since the main bulk had a lot of shadings and using a technique I recently learned from a good friend of mine, it now looks way better.

Okay, no more talk. Let's see 'em photos!

Overall it was a pretty fun project to do, so I wouldn't mind doing another (hint...).

Now, if there was someone who would want me to do a Shattered Glass version of Fansproject's did it already...LOL...


Saturday, July 9, 2011

ROTF Leader Class Optimus Prime


Yes. Another Optimus Prime repaint. But this one uses a technique which was taught by a very good friend of mine. It's a pretty nifty technique, and for me...another notch in my repainting skills. I'm still on the learning process and it gives me great pleasure and fun to be able to do what I do.

Anyhoo, this was one of the Primes that I was given to custom repaint for Big Cinema Sdn. Bhd. Last I heard, this guy has been packed and ready to be shipped to India to be one of their prizes for a contest there. Heh. here he is.

Leader Class Optimus Prime

So here's to hoping that the winner in India would really appreciate what I've done and take very good care of this Prime.

But...maybe I'll be seeing him on ebay pretty soon...LOL.