Wednesday, November 3, 2010

RK Designs Projects (WIP) Part 1

Hideeho fellow readers! the title says and I think a promised was made in my last posting on me sharing some of my works in progress. Actually this was suggested by a few friends since RK Designs can be quite desolate for a few weeks...LOL...

So any new projects that are mine (that means the client is yours truly...) I'd share them here. When the works are completed, I'll just add a link to this particular posting so readers won't have to browse huge amounts of postings. Heh.

Okay, so at the moment I'm working on a few personal projects that has been slowly (painfully slow) what are they you might be asking?

1) 1/100 Akatsuki (Master Grade conversion)

Been working on this guy for a few took long since I had to acquire certain parts especially the main core part which was derived from the MG Strike Gundam. A lot of cutting, sawing, puttying and sanding. At the moment it's still in construction stage and roughly about 30% done.

2) 1/100 Gundam Heavy Arms Custom (Master Grade conversion)

This guy was inspired by Vicious Project's own Heavy Arms. Using the main internal frame of the MG Wing Gundam Ka., I took my extra 1/100 H-Arms and started designing my own version. The VP version looks really sleek and awesome, but I'm going to a more heavy built look to complement its name. At the moment, it's at 20% done. Yeah...that much...heh

3) 6" Ironman Hulk Neutralizer Unit (Marvel Legend kitbash project)

Hoookay...this guy has been in my studio for...I dunno...4-5 months? Hahahahaha...It started off with me having an extra figure of an Ironman Movie 1 figure and a Marvel Legend House of M Ironman. I loved the sculpt for the ML Ironman and loved the helmet design of the new Ironman movie. So I beheaded the movie Ironman figure and reworked the neck area so I can snap it on the ML Ironman body. And...ta-daaa...a very nicely proportioned detailed figure. I named this guy the Ironman H.N.U (Hulk Neutralizer Unit). At the moment it's 70% done and I haven't decided on a color scheme yet.

Well, those are the highlights of my on going personal works...there's more though, but I think I'll finish this guys first before unveiling more...

On another note, my Marder III tank build was featured on my friends blog who are I would say an awesome modeler and has been an inspiration to me. He's also one of the admin in my forum that I founded 6 years ago (Zero-G) and has help me so many times in maintaining the peace there. So to be featured on his blog, was an honor. I would like to ask you all to go and check out his blog since it has a lot of useful information on modeling. Here's the link:

DC23 Mecharts

And here's my article:

Marder III by Ryukaze

So that's all for seeing you all soon!


  1. * shy *... Thanks Ryu! btw, I like the Ironman and the Akatsuki very much! looking forward to those builds! Keep it up!

    And bro... it is really easy to keep the peace at Zero-G, it's one of the friendliest forum out their, save some random spams... it is an easy task. hehehe

  2. heh...thanks don...heh...i dunno when i'll actually be able to finish these guys...but i hope that while working on the military kits, i can do some sidelines on them...hahahaha

  3. I love the HOM iron man as a base body! its so awesome.

  4. you the man, ryu! Keep it up and up!!