Tuesday, February 2, 2010

MG F91 Harrison Madin Custom


Yup...here we go again with another gunpla kit that I managed to finish.

Originally colored blue and white as indication it's a mass production F91 mobile suit. And I read a little about one of it's pilots, Captain Harrison Madin was a guy who actually stood toe to toe with the Crossbone Gundam which was coincidentally piloted by the F91 Prototype pilot Seabook Arno.

So, this fella should be given Captain Harrison's custom colors so I dug out his color scheme in one of my Dengeki Hobby magazines and found it. So I roughly followed and at the same time added my own touch to this mobile suit.

Problem that I faced was using Samuel Decals for his customization markings. Since doing gunpla again is a bit rusty for me, so my fault here was with the decals...

MG F91 Captain Harrison Madin Custom

Goofed up a few things with this build...heh...but hoping to do better on my next, got a lot to catch up and skills to be polished!

Monday, February 1, 2010

MG RX-178 Mk II A.E.U.G


After a very long hiatus from doing Gunpla or Gundam Plastic model kits, I'm finally back into the field. Don't worry, its not that I'm leaving from doing Transformer repaints and kitbashes...just wanted to take a short breather and do something that was and shall forever be my passion.

How did I come back? I'd say it would be due to my wife. You see, she is a strong supporter of my hobbies. She's been the one that always kept me in check and despite not knowing much about gundams, she would ask me once in awhile the history or storyline of a particular robot.

Last few months she bought me an MG Astray Blue Frame (there will be a posting about this fella soon...) and that got the ball rolling. I felt alive again after hitting the kitbashing wall. Snap fitted the fella and I felt good...so I got myself more Master Grade kits...and from there on...heh...

Well, I cheated a bit since this particular kit was built awhile back but I couldn't find the time to actually finish him properly...it was just putting on some decals and a nice clear coat to top it off.

So, I dug out my decal set and worked on the fella. And that my dear friends, of how I got myself back into Gunpla.

Master Grade RX-178 Mk II ver. 2.0 (A.E.U.G scheme)

Stay tune...more to come...can we say...F91?