Monday, November 10, 2008

TFA Nemesis and G1 Styling Jazz


Finally an update yah! Hehehe...well anyhoo, for the first posting after a long break I give two works that I manage to complete ever since I regained my freedom.

First up is the Transformers Animated Jazz which was repainted to the Nemesis color scheme. I worked the scheme along the way while doing it and the linings were a subtle touch just to show the dark attributes of this fella. Here it is...

TFA Nemesis Jazz

Vehicle Mode:

"Stop cramping up my style fools!" the second work that I completed is another Transformers Animated figure. This time around a repainted to G1 color scheme. Yeah...the original TFA Jazz was a tribute to the G1 Jazz but I felt that it wasn't there yet. So I gave him what I thought would be a proper G1 tribute. Omitting the number 4 which was on the original G1 look, I stylized the lines and gave it all the way to the back and inclusive of the side linings...

And here we are...

TFA Jazz with G1 Styling

Vehicle Mode:

Well...that's all for now...hope this is invigorating! LOL...

Next up will be some Work In Progress shots of the new Millennium Falcon repaint and also the Neo Protectobots...Stay tuned!