Monday, November 14, 2011

Hasbro Star Wars Snowspeeder (Finished)


Alright, I was supposed to do a work in progress posting for this guy...but due to my very busy schedule of late...I'm just closing it up.

The Snowspeeder has already been sent to my client and good friend, Azwanijaya. The look on his face when he received it was priceless. It's those kind of things that make what I do worth it.

Okay, enough of the's the Snowspeeders...(that's plural my friends...)

Luke's Snowspeeder:

Rebel Alliance Snowspeeder:

The Snowspeeders:

Comparison with a standard out of the box snowspeeder:

Now, don't worry...the many stages in the painting of this fantastic machine is recorded. Yep, each picture of the process was taken and uploaded in RK Design's Facebook page. If you would like to see more on the 'work in progress' go to our page and have look. Here's the link:

Work In Progress Part 2 - Snowspeeder

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