Sunday, November 18, 2012

Revoltech Warhammer Machine

Update! there's a little history on this guy. Not the big kind of history, but just a slight doo doo that I did.

Okay, well...I received this guy a few months back to be repainted. It was planned to be painted to the 'Milk' style color scheme. But the client requested a different color style. So after a sample color was given to me, I started to work on it.

What happened? Let's just say that I experimented with the wrong paints on the wrong surface. LOL.

Stripped the paint down, and did a whole new cover for it. The color chosen were black, copper and silver. The choice of copper sort of gave me the feeling that it was influenced by the Warhammer series. Which I think was a pretty good idea!

So enough prattling, here's the guy in full disclosure!

Revoltech Warhammer Machine

More completed works coming soon! (I'm really pushing myself this time, to make sure I finish all my commissions before I move to my new house! Yay!)


Friday, November 2, 2012

1/35 WW2 Diorama 'The Ambush' Part 01


Whoa...2 months of no postings! No wonder people thought I was dead...LOL.

Well, actually I've been working on a bunch of stuffs but haven't had the time to post it here (in some countries it's called...LAZY). Been here and there, doing this and that. And before I knew's been two months of no postings.

Anyhoo, one of the things that I've been working on is a World War 2 diorama. This project has been going on for almost a year. Now, it being a year is due to the experimentation that I've been doing. It was my first WW2 military diorama. And furthermore I had to 'undo' this project from the previous person who did it. I can tell you that it wasn't fun. Trust me.

So here's the first diorama. The whole idea behind this was that the diorama can be separated or if the owner wanted it to be a single huge diorama.

Before designing the dio, I discussed on the story. The main title was 'Ambush' and this side of the dio was from the German's section. You can see the aloofness of the German soldiers since the story behind this was they were all getting their supplies and preparing for an attack. For this diorama, I was given:

- 1 Train (Dampflokomotive BR86)
- 1 Panzerjagerwagen
- 1 Marder 3
- 10 German Soldiers + 1 Dog

The BR86 train and Panzerjagerwagen came with some tracks and I added in the dio. I decided to make it as though the Germans have dug out the area to smack in the tracks for their supply runs.

1/35 World War 2 Diorama 'The Ambush' Part 01

For more pictures and works in progress, you can visit RK Designs Studio Facebook page at:


Get ready for part 2 soon!