Monday, August 30, 2010

ROTF Supreme Devastator


One more of my last few Transformer projects. This was an interesting and tedious work that I had to do. The owner wanted me to add details and the usual weathered look. The original looked quite...erm...distasteful. Too colorful if you know what I mean.

So, did a full body repaint and pumped in a bunch of weathering details like pre-shading and dry brushing. After it was finished, hands ached.

Here are the individual vehicles (they can't transform to bot mode though):

And here's the combined form...(minus the metal

A lot of pics eh? heh...

Master Grade RX-78-GP03 Stamen


Yup another Gunpla project comissioned by someone. This is one of my favourite kits in the MG line and despite being an old kit, it's detailing and structure is fantastic. So when someone asked if I could paint and fix up his kit, I quickly jumped to it!

Fairly a simply clean up and detailing works were done. The detailing on it were more or less the decals. I tried not to give it too much decals since it might ruin the whole RX series.

Here it is.

Working on some more Gunpla projects, so stay tuned ya...

WFC Black Convoy


Looks like another late entry here. Got my reasons.

So, what's WFC? Well, it stands for War For Cybertron. The new Transformers game that's out now.

Seeing is that I'm taking a break from Transformers repainting, there will be a few popping out cause they're some of my last few works that I'm finishing up.

Here we have the Hasbro WFC Optimus Prime repainted to Henkei Black Convoy color scheme.

More to come!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Cobra H.I.S.S (high speed sentry) - G.I.Joe


Hey now this is a project that I was really excited on working (it ain't Transformers yo!). This particular H.I.S.S is from the new series of G.I.Joe vehicles that came out coinciding with the movie. It had 'real' moving treads!!! It's really a far cry from the original H.I.S.S from the cartoons and comics. With it's rotating canons at the back and it's spring action elevation system, it's a fantastic toy...but...paint job (or plastic mold)...

If your going to pick up one of these guys, don't be fooled by the box art. This is how it actually looks like...

Yup...thought so.

So a FRIEND of mine ASKED me to custom his H.I.S.S (kinda tongue twisting eh?). He wanted a the original black colored version. And me being me, I added some of my own touch to it. So long story short...

Cobra H.I.S.S (2010 Rise of Cobra)

Elevated Mode:

Close Ups:

I totally loved working on this guy. And I can't wait to finish up my own H.I.S.S (the cartoon/comic version) so we can do a comparison. So until then...