Monday, August 30, 2010

ROTF Supreme Devastator


One more of my last few Transformer projects. This was an interesting and tedious work that I had to do. The owner wanted me to add details and the usual weathered look. The original looked quite...erm...distasteful. Too colorful if you know what I mean.

So, did a full body repaint and pumped in a bunch of weathering details like pre-shading and dry brushing. After it was finished, hands ached.

Here are the individual vehicles (they can't transform to bot mode though):

And here's the combined form...(minus the metal

A lot of pics eh? heh...


  1. Salam Tuan.
    Masya Allah lawanya bang hasil kerja nko.

  2. They're very kewl ! The paint job is really well done. I should equip myself and learn how to do that.

    Keep on the good work !

  3. birudamai: tima kaseh bro!

    vincent: thank u thank u...well it was a first for me to do this technique, coz i had to some world war 2 tanks so i had to practice...heh...