Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tamiya 1/35 Marder III (Sd.Kfz.139)


Another tank y'all!

Here we have the Marder III (Sd.Kfz.139). Need a backstory? Here it is:

The Marder III is the name for a series of World War II German tank destroyers built on the chassis of the Panzer 38(t). The German word "Marder" means "Marten" in English. They were in production from 1942 to 1944 and served on all fronts until the end of the war. - wikipedia

This is considered another attempt at military modeling and God knows how I'm loving doing it. The details put in the kits are awesome. And truth to tell...it makes me want to apply what I've learned on some of my Gundam kits!

Okay, so what have I done here? The kit came in light brown sort of creamy colored (reminded me one of Baskin Robbins coffee flavored ice cream...heh). But my good ol' buddy (owner of these awesome tanks) said that he wanted it to be in winter color scheme. Oooookay...winter. Got it. So once I've assembled the tank, the quest for the winter look began. Researched on styles and also how the pros do it. I had to take into account on how rust happens and where it usually is. You can't simply have a white tank running around right?

Once all the reference has been checked out. I started work. The base coat I used was gray, and applied black on the areas where I wanted to have the pre-shading effect. Then I applied white, but I made sure that the white wasn't as heavy then all the shading wouldn't be seen. Then I started work on the nook and crannies with the wash technique. I diluted some dark brown mixed with dark gray to get that rusty effect. After all that, I gave it some more shading and finally dry brushed some parts to give it that wear and tear texture.

And here it is...

The Marder III (Sd.Kfz.139) - Winter scheme

Phew. There it is. Doing the Marder was a pretty challenging build and I know there's a lot more that I can learn. So next up will be three more tank kits! Plus...a motorcycle! (gasp!)...

I'd like to share on some upcoming projects in my next posting that I'm currently doing which are my own and are 'works in progress'. So be on the lookout for my updates ya!

Until then...IKIMAS!!!


  1. I'm a fan! The best tank u've done so far.

  2. why thank u my dearest wife...heh

  3. Agree with irin, this looks great! Just need mud and sand effect, and you are good to go!

  4. i can feel the metal presence thru your paint job.. nice!