Tuesday, March 27, 2012

ZeroGunz Forums

Hullo there.

Well, nothing to do with an update actually...just popping in to share something with my followers and readers.

Okay, way back in 2004...I opened up a forum. At the time, I didn't know much about servers and domain names. So I opt for the free forum servers. It was called ZERO-G Forums. With only a handful of members, roughly around 10-20...we slowly grew. In a matter of months, there were many other local gunpla lovers joined in. And the best was when awesome professional modellers joined up!

They inspired the younger members to do gunpla. To improve their skills and share what they knew. It was blossoming. Zero-G had a following. More and more members came in and friendships were created from our small forum.

In 2009, the forum did the biggest change ever. We migrated. From the small free server, we purchased a domain with the help of another forum. From there on it became like a dream come true. Finally we were able to have a proper domain site.

Adjustments were made, bugs were fixed. But along the way, the many years that the forum was around...some members came and went. Old members either stopped coming in or was too busy to do the hobby. It was something that would happen.

Despite all the problems that came and went, Zero-G now known as ZeroGunz has gone through a lot. And the one thing that it had was it's members. Without them, the forum wouldn't have been as it is now. It still held the momentum of being the first local gunpla forum and now having international members, we have gone far.

But after awhile, the forums wasn't as 'busy' as it used to be. New members didn't share much of their works and old members were either retired or have gone to a different group. And finally it dawned upon me that it was time...time to close the forum for good.

While I was backing up the previous entries from members, the forum was attacked by a wave of spam and somehow corrupted most of our data. Only a little data was salvageable. The end was finally clear.

So...with a heavy heart, I closed down the forums. It was a good run. A really good run. But, the passion for gunpla and plakits remained in me. So I decided to open a group in Facebook. It was free and data travelled real time.

So the legacy of Zero-G forums continues in Facebook...Join us there!

ZeroGunz Facebook Group

It was a long time coming, since 2004 till now...2012. 8 years have passed and here's to more years to come.


  1. I was inspired to love gundams by the old modellers there in 2009..


  2. What's going on with this place? It's been down for over a month. I can't find information anywhere.