Monday, November 1, 2010

Tamiya 1/35 M42 'Duster'


Well, actually managed to finish two more tanks last month, just didn't have the time and patience to post it. But it's never too late right? I mean it is my blog...LOL...

Anyhoo, here we have a Tamiya 1/35 scale M42 Duster. Who? Here's a little back story:

The M42 40 mm Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun, or "Duster" as it is known, is an armored light air-defense gun built for the U.S. Army from 1952 until December 1959. - wikipedia

There you go. I doubt that if I put up the whole back story, you'd go and click on another blog right? Heh.

Okay, so here is my third try on military modeling and now I'm more equipped with what my client/friend wants. Basically he wants some weathering but not so heavy and definitely not too clean. So by reading a little about the tank and going through loads of photos on it, I could slowly see what was needed. The tank came in a really dark flat green. So I opt for the more lighter tone. Given the idea that this tank has been in the Vietnam war, I chose to give it a slight moldy weathering. Due to the humidity of the war zone, there would be washed up mud and a little if not rust. I mean they are tanks.

So the first coat was done with a lighter tone of green. Then applying some pre-shading technique I top coated it with a slight darker green. Once that's done, I did some drybrushing with a kind of yellow+orange colors. Then did some simple wash on the panel lines and some areas to give it that rusty metal look. And lastly applied a nice coat of clear flat on top.

Here's the M42 'Duster'

Next up will be another tank. So hold on.

If you all have noticed, I've started writing again. Why? Well, it's due to my wife (she proclaims she's my number one fan...heh). She insisted that I write so my postings will have a more human touch to it. More personal. If I were to put images only, might as well post the images on Photobucket or Flickr right? Well...I guess she's got a point there. She even did a sweet and simple posting of me in her own blog, and I'd like to share it with you all.

Here's the link:
Why I Think My Husband's Hobby Of Building Model Kits Is Sexy

And I hope that it will inspire those who have a problem with people thinking that our hobby makes us immature. Remember, never be afraid of being who you are, and never be who you're not. And I think that's being mature.

Till next time!

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  1. Hahahaa...score another one for mr sexayyyyy!!!!!