Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Classics Optimus Prime In NBE01 Colors


Ehem...this isn't really an update actually...LOL...it's a backdated project that I totally forgot to post here at RK Designs. Reason for being, I took pictures and accidently forgotten where I put it. So here it is now.

Comissioned by a friend of mine last year, this Classics series Optimus Prime was recolored to NBE01 scheme. Wtf is an NBE01 color scheme you might ask? Well if you have watched the Transformers 2008 movie you'll remember that Megatron was called NBE01. So there you have it. Here he is, Optimus NBE01...

There you go...another update (heh)...this month theres gonna be a buttload of updates, so stay tuned!