Friday, May 30, 2008

Articulated Victory Leo (WIP) Part01


(Not really a total update right now, its a Work In Progress post)

Been keeping this fella in storage for quite sometime. He was suppose to be paired with my other 'RK Articulated Version' Star Saber from the Transformer: Victory series. Was done a few months back when I had the modification bug hit me and it was in storage along with my Star Saber. After doing the WIP on the Robot Master BW Megatron, I took him out again to have a look and see what I can do (while waiting for parts, paint cure and etc...) to improve the basic work that I did.

Before I start, this particular Victory Leo was bought the same time with my Star Saber. Both are knock-off items. So thats why you can see that I did major modifications (it's a cheap price to pay...hah!).

Overall the original wasn't as high as Star Saber, so I had to make sure I don't overdo with the extensions, replacing parts are among the things that was done. I haven't worked out yet on the side railguns and also how to place his back cannons. This fella needs a lot more work to go into the painting stage, so we'll see how it goes...maybe I might do some more changes...

Victory Leo:

Close Ups:

With Star Saber:

Okay thats about it for Part 01 of the Victory Leo WIP. See you all soon.

Note: This is a Work In Progress (WIP) post. So the final work might not be the same as it was originally designed by RK Designs.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Robot Masters Megatron (WIP) Part 01


Okay, while I'm waiting for my parts to arrive (and paint curing as well) for most of my projects, I was working on the sidelines with this.

I manage to get my hands on one of those Robot Master Megatron that was issued a while back. It was kinda of a good deal from a pal of mine (Congrats on getting married dude!) and when I saw the RM Megs...well, let's just say that my stomach churned a bit...(sorry to the owners of this fig).

Looking at it along with the other two Megatron figs I had a brainstorm to upgrade the fella. Having an extra Gundam F91 (the ol' 90's kit) I decided to do a total makeover.

Currently its still a work in progress but I felt that I needed to share with you all what I've done at the moment.

Before: (image courtesy of

Now: (still a work in progress)


I hope to finish this guy around next week or so, keep on checking for updates ya.

Ps: the articulated Star Saber is coming around soon along with a bunch of other repaints and kitbash, so hang on to your Cybertronian balls my friends!

Ja ne'! (its 'Later' in japanese...i think...heh)

Note: This is a Work In Progress (WIP) post. So the final work might not be the same as it was originally designed by RK Designs.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Iron Monger Repaint (Ironman Movie Series)


Okay, my previous posting was on the Mark II. Now make way for the Iron Monger! Alrite, when I first got him...well...I was ecstatic about it, until I tried to pose him...yeah...

His right leg was joined to his hip to create the smashing gimmick (which I personally think is dumb...). Not only it limited his poseability, he can't do anything! So I took it upon myself to get rid of that gimmick and give him the right to pose!

Well, the solution is putting in ball joints. I had to cut the joints connecting it and replace it with new joints. It was pretty tedious and any mistakes can cause me a figure. With a little putty and a brand new ball joint courtesy of Kotobukiya aftermarket modelling parts, he came out good. A little detailing and a new paint job, he was done.



Close up:


There you go. It was one helluva time kitbashing this fella and now I feel much better owning him.


Ironman Mark II (Ironman Movie Series)


Before I post anything else related to Transformers, here's an interlude. Recently the Ironman movie came to cinemas and got me by the nuts (it was awesome!!). At first not intending to buy the figure, I caved in and grabbed the first few from wave one series.

I was a bit skeptical about getting the Mark 2 since it was just a repaint from the Mark 3 armour. But then I thought, "Why not I improvise? Make it more or less like the movie version but at the same time giving a bit of a touch of my own design?". So I added some details on the armour and repainted it to silver (I still haven't discovered the secrets to doing chrome...) and did some lining using my trusty Gundam markers.

Here is how he looks.



Close up:

Well, I'm a little not satisfied with the work, but it is better than the Hasbro version right? So consider this 'Mark II' version 1.0 from RK Designs.


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

TFTM Ultimate Bumblebee


Hmmm...and Ultimate Bumblebee...What can I personally say about this fella? It's huge, bulky and to be honest quite a waste of money. Despite the gimmicks I still think its a waste, but when someone came up to me and asked me to do a repaint on this fella I couldn't resist!

The original scheme that I worked on was quite different, but an accident happened and caused me to do a full repaint on it. This baby was done a few months back but just recently managed to clean up and did a full body repaint.

Here he is in all his repaint goodness. (Despite the repaint, I still think its a waste of money...hahahaha)

Close Up:

As you can see there isn't a vehicle mode shot. Why? I was too darned lazy to transform him. I'll just wait for the owner to take pictures of it later and update this post. Hah!


TFTM Leaderclass Brawl


Hey hey! I totally forgot about this repaint work I did a few months back. It was in my brother's handphone and recently he asked me about it. To the owner I'm so sorry for not displaying it here, it has been kinda hectic for me these past few months remember?

Okay, here's a Leaderclass Brawl which was repainted to Panzer tank schemes. I thought of doing a normal sandy colored tank then realised that a clean looking tank isn't really a tank...rite? So after that pondering, this is what I managed to do.

Vehicle Mode:

And while I was working on this fella, I also did a repaint of a deluxe TFTM Scorponok.

Sorry about the pictures. They were taken with a handphone (I didn't have a cam that time...). Until the next uodate!