Friday, May 23, 2008

Ironman Mark II (Ironman Movie Series)


Before I post anything else related to Transformers, here's an interlude. Recently the Ironman movie came to cinemas and got me by the nuts (it was awesome!!). At first not intending to buy the figure, I caved in and grabbed the first few from wave one series.

I was a bit skeptical about getting the Mark 2 since it was just a repaint from the Mark 3 armour. But then I thought, "Why not I improvise? Make it more or less like the movie version but at the same time giving a bit of a touch of my own design?". So I added some details on the armour and repainted it to silver (I still haven't discovered the secrets to doing chrome...) and did some lining using my trusty Gundam markers.

Here is how he looks.



Close up:

Well, I'm a little not satisfied with the work, but it is better than the Hasbro version right? So consider this 'Mark II' version 1.0 from RK Designs.