Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hasbro Movie Ironman Mark 5 (Repaint)

Update!'s been awhile right? Actually I've done a few things, but I'm gonna lump it all in one posting. This one is a different story. You see, after the Ironman 2 movie I sought out as many of the figures that I could get. I was lucky to get the Mark 5 at one of our retail stores. But sadly, the paint applications on the figure was...horrible.

So I told myself, I'll fix this guy up.

I did.

I know that the movie version was more shiner and had the 'bling' effect. But as usual, me being the person I am...not that keen on bling...(that sorta rhymes doncha think? heh) So I gave it a much more down to earth color to it. Red as red as it can be and the silver on more of a humble side. Here's the finished work...

Hasbro Ironman Mark 5

This is how he actually looked like...before the repaint.

Until another update!

(PS: This entry was backlogged for quite some time...and the project was started...erm...the same year as Ironman do the math...)