Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Blast From The Past!

Well, it really isn't an update. Just some new photo shots of a project I worked on a long time ago. It can be considered the turning point of what I do now, if it wasn't for this fella...I think no one would ever trust me to do a Transformer repaint.

This Masterpiece Starscream (Takara) was originally dark greenish gray and was the subject of massive criticism. So a friend (Shah...I owe you big for the chance you gave me...) comissioned me to repaint it to Starscreams original G1 colours.

To know the story, you can go here --> Masterpiece Starscream Repaint To G1

Now this fella belongs to a new owner, Arya (yeah...the guy who takes cool pictures! Stop already okay!) and he has done a great job in capturing the essence and feel of this Decepticon.

So, maybe yeah it's an update...updated pictures...


Mid air transformation! (my favourite shot!)


"Conquest Is Made Of The Ashes Of Ones Enemy"

Next Update: Will be announced!

Transformers Movie Skywarp

Here's another project that I worked on a few weeks back. I was given the task to repaint a Voyager Class Movie Starscream to Skywarp. As you all remember, Skywarp was one of the Seekers (a team of Decepticon aerial attackers lead by Starscream) and it hasn't been known to be released...yet. Since Thundercracker is out, I suppose Skywarp won't be far behind. The diffference is this one is done by RK Designs. Heh.

Enough talk, here's the last remaining Seeker.

Movie Skywarp

Jet mode:

As you can see from the Zarak Convoy update, the pictures are taken by their respective owners. And all I can say is thanks for helping me out and you guys have done a great job!

Next Update: A Blast From The Past!

P.S: If you all noticed that I've turned off my comments section. As much as I appreciate criticism, I just can't accept REALLY STUPID REMARKS! If you don't know who you are, here's a hint, "Since when did Bumblebee become yellow? Please do your research!! Demand to see the real Bumblebee colours!". As you can see from that quote, there are stupid a$$holes around which don't know sh*t about Transformers. Oh yeah, the guy stays in Subang, so if any Transformer fans meet up with this d*ck of a fan, please do me the honours of smacking his face to the ground. Adieu...

Transformers Zarak Convoy

Here is a project that I worked on a few months ago.

This project was given to me by my good pal Arya (you know..the guy who can take some pretty kicka$$ pictures?...yeah..thats him...). Originally an Energon Optimus Prime and Wingsaber, he asked if there was a chance to do something like Mega Zarak (the japanese counterpart for Scorponok). Looking at the very hefty fella, I tried to figure out wether the color scheme would match the bot.

It did. Perfectly.

So this is the new reincarnation of Energon Optimus Prime...Zarak Convoy.

Normal Mode:

Vehicle Mode:


Close Up:

'Evil Comes In Many Forms, I Am The Worst One Yet...' - Zarak Convoy

Next Update: Transformers Movie Skywarp

Monday, November 12, 2007

Galaxy Force Hot Rod

Hideeho people,
It's been awhile since I've posted any latest works, well its not that I haven't done anything its just that I have been pretty busy with a bunch of stuff lately. Anyways, I have done a few works for my customers but currently I'm digicam-less so you have to forgive me for that (I know..I know..I should be investing in one..I get it...).

So until I can get myself a proper cam and take pics of my latest works (which includes a Mega Zarak Convoy, Leaderclass Movie Megatron-Robocop color scheme, Classics Magnus to NBE-1 scheme, Movie Skywarps...) I'll have to make do with the last work that I did a few months back.

This here was originally a Galaxy Force Hot Shot. As some of you would know, Hot Shot's design was based on the G1 Hot Rod. So A friend comissioned me to repaint the fella to his original colors from the hit cartoon show in the 80's. Lucky for me a friend of mine passed me some Reprolabel stickers of Hot Rod and I quickly took the opportunity to use it.

Usually I would make the colors semi gloss or matte, but in this guys case, I made him shine. It wasn't easy but the outcome was pretty good.

So here you have the Galaxy Force Hot Rod!

Vehicle Mode:

Too hot to handle!

Sorry again for the crappy pics...I had a crappy camera that time...but it managed to do its job.
Oh yeah, another thing, I'm also going back to my roots which is Gunpla (Gundam Plastic). Just picked up the latest kit called the Gundam Exia scaled 1/100. Will be working it on the sidelines and definitely will be posted here. Since I'm back with Gunpla, I'll do some rotations with some of my present and previous works. That way this blog will keep on being updated despite not having a proper digicam...LOL...
Cheers all!