Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Transformers Movie Skywarp

Here's another project that I worked on a few weeks back. I was given the task to repaint a Voyager Class Movie Starscream to Skywarp. As you all remember, Skywarp was one of the Seekers (a team of Decepticon aerial attackers lead by Starscream) and it hasn't been known to be released...yet. Since Thundercracker is out, I suppose Skywarp won't be far behind. The diffference is this one is done by RK Designs. Heh.

Enough talk, here's the last remaining Seeker.

Movie Skywarp

Jet mode:

As you can see from the Zarak Convoy update, the pictures are taken by their respective owners. And all I can say is thanks for helping me out and you guys have done a great job!

Next Update: A Blast From The Past!

P.S: If you all noticed that I've turned off my comments section. As much as I appreciate criticism, I just can't accept REALLY STUPID REMARKS! If you don't know who you are, here's a hint, "Since when did Bumblebee become yellow? Please do your research!! Demand to see the real Bumblebee colours!". As you can see from that quote, there are stupid a$$holes around which don't know sh*t about Transformers. Oh yeah, the guy stays in Subang, so if any Transformer fans meet up with this d*ck of a fan, please do me the honours of smacking his face to the ground. Adieu...