Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Gundam Works: Zollidia, Exia and Astray Red Frame


Hey hey..guess what? I manage to get some pics of my previous Gundam works. Thanks to my good ol' buddy Fahmi (letting me take images of his precious took a lot of courage...heh). Anyhoo, I have taken the liberty to post 3 of the whole lot of Gundam kits that I've done using my trusty airbrush...

Okay, first up is the no-grade scale 1/100 Zollidia from the V-Gundam series. I've had this guy for quite some time and among all my collections, he's practically the only 'bad mech' from the Gundam world in my possession. I painted him before a while back by hand painting and it wasn't such a nice job. So when I got my airbrush, this guy got his paint stripped and done up properly.



Next up is the no-grade 1/100 Gundam Astray Red Frame. This particular fella is the 3rd one that I've done in my lifetime. heard it right. The 3rd time. And none of it was mine. LOL. Well, with this guy I used pre-shading. An airbrushing technique that I've been practicing on. It turned out okay. If you can see the seamlines, well, its not that I didn't want to cover was the insistance of my friend/customer. So forgive me. No worries though, I've slowly started to work on my 1/100 Blue own it will be better. Trust me.

The third fella is the no-grade 1/100 Gundam Exia from the Gundam 00 series. This is the latest kit from the new Gundam series and all I can say is that Bandai's Gunpla technology has improved so much. The kit now sports superb joints nearly as close to the Master Grade kits. The amount of details put into the kit is amazing! I was having a whale of a time building it, but like the Red Frame, the seamline covering was omitted. (It's because of the fee that I charge...heh...) But like I said, no own Exia will be making its way in this blog of mine.

Alrite peeps, that's the update for now. Next update we'll be going back to Transformers. Maybe a good healthy dosage of Gundam kits, Armored Core kits would do a lot of good for the blog don't you think so?

Until next time!


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

TFTM Bumblebee Camarro '74 and Starscream


Yeah, another update from me in the same day. Guess I'm on a roll at the moment and who knows when is my next update? LOL...

Alrites, here's another TFTM Bumble '74 and Starscream repaint. What's the difference this time around? Simple, its a new stylized version. I've been doing a lot of common repaints (customer's requests) but this time around I was given a chance to do something different. So, I opt to do a little pre-shading technique and normal shading to give these two an old weary look.

Here they are...

TFTM Bumblebee '74

TFTM Starscream

Jet Mode:

Okay...what do you guys think? Well, I have a few more upcoming projects ready to be posted here but like always, theres the waiting period.

By the way, remember the Classics Thrust I mentioned waaay back? Well, its finally looking good despite the many trials and errors. Still working on the bugs and once it's done, I'll be recasting the wings for pre-orders. So stay tuned to RK Designs...


My First Resin Kit


It's been almost a month since my last update, been a bit busy and haven't had the cam in my hands not to mention my computer. Anyhoo, here's a lil update on what I've been working on since my last update (well, it was done a while back, and i just got hold the cam with the pics in it..heh).

Like I mentioned before, this is my first try on painting and building a resin kit. I got lucky cause this particular kit was a simple spray on and put-together kit. Based with only a pic of the original I did some pre-shading to it and also some handpainting. Initially the guns came separately and since resin isn't like rubber, I had trouble putting in the guns in Neo's hands. So I cut the guns and painted it. Once painted I just slap on a little bit of super glue and just tuck it in the hands...

Okay, here's the finished work...hope it's okay...


I'm still new at doing this but I had fun. I was given another resin kit as a Christmas present and currently working on it slowly. Its a from a chinese comic hero, not so sure who but I'm planning to paint him in my own colors.

Till Next Time!