Tuesday, April 24, 2007

More Classic Nemesis and Megatron

Well, currently I'm working on a Masterpiece Nemesis Prime (two of them, two clients..heh) and don't have any photos of the work in progress, I thought I'd put in some more of the pics of my latest work which is the Classics Nemesis and Megatron repaint.

Kudos to Arya (the photographer) for taking some time to do some extra photo taking session with our too-busy models Nemesis and Megatron. Next week they'll be flying to Paris for another photo shoot..the Viva-de la Classico Repaint Mode'.


Megatron in a scene from Transformers The Movie..

Nemesis in all his evil-ness...

By the way...the photo shoot in Paris was just a joke..so don't expect some kind of photo session upon my next update..heh..

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Classics Nemesis Prime

A few months back Hasbro released the Ultra Magnus vs Skywarp Classics twinpacks. Nothing much but Magnus was just a repaint of Optimus and Skywarp was Starscream. A friend gave me an idea on creating/repainting Nemesis Prime. You see, in the world of Transformers, Nemesis is considered the bastard son of Unicron. He was created with the likeness of the Autobots beloved leader Optimus Prime. His bio says that he is considered equal to Optimus in strength and in mind but has a warped sense of everything that Optimus believes. In other words, a big bad version of Optimus Prime.

His colour scheme is black and light blue. And when classics Magnus came out, it was soon enough that someone had a bright idea to make a Nemesis version. Again I was given a task to repaint this fella into the Unicron's Champion...

Here you have the normal Classics Ultra Magnus (the paint scheme is pretty good...honest). Magnus is the one on the right. Yeah, the white and blue bot...(photo taken from www.hasbro.com)

As usual, disassembling the fella and figuring out how to paint him. The scheme that I'm following is based on my previous Nemesis scheme. Using black and metallic blue green. I didn't want to go with the light blue since it looks rather...ordinary. I was looking for a an evil colour...and that metallic scheme has evil written all over it.

And so, the birth of Classics Nemesis Prime...(again with the help of my friend Arya in the photo session..)
Truck mode:
Robot mode:
Close up:

Nemesis Prime vs Optimus Prime...

Classics Nemesis Prime

Landmine Reformatted to Darkmine

This repaint job was considered one of my first jobs that I did (there were a few that I did, repainted some Knock-Off Transformers..but it was pretty bad..the mold I mean). Here we have Landmine (Energon series). A simple coloured bot with a simple look. A friend of mine wanted to do something different (he had two of it..so go figure rite?). He presented to me a Nemesis Prime colour scheme. He gave me some references, and there I followed the scheme. Since it was my first real Transformer repaint work, it was pretty challenging and not to mention my masking skills were still in the noob level.

Here's Landmine in his original colours. (image from http://www.tfu.info/ )

Once the repaint was done, it was pretty good despite being one of my first repaint using an airbrush...Not much photo I took for this guy and couldn't do much pose as well, coz when I repainted this fella, the joint system was a total loss to me...heh...

Arise Darkmine...

Transformers Classics Megatron Repaint

Hey all..

Here I am again with another repainted work of mine. This time around its the Classics Megatron (its the latest line from Hasbro). The original colour was pretty sucky...it looked like a frickin nerf gun. When they mentioned 'classic' I thought they would come up with the original Generation One colours. Here's the original colour...(photos taken from www.hasbro.com)

So I was thinking to get one and repaint him with the original colours. But due to some financial restraints, I had to put the project aside. Until I mentioned it to a friend of mine, his eyes just got big and offered me his own Megatron to repaint (with a fee that is..heh). It took me a few days to repaint this guy since I had to see which parts was good in the G1 colours.

Well, enough talk...here's Megatron in his true G1 form. (Photos taken by Arya)

Gun Mode:

Robot Mode:

So what do you all think? My friend was pretty darn happy when he got Megs back. (And I'm thinking hard to get one of my own..*sigh*)

Here's a special scene done by my friend Arya. Megatron vs Optimus Prime:

Classics Megatron (G1 Colours)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Non Grade 1/100 Astray Red Frame

Since I'm working on a new repaint project at the moment, I thought that I could post up some of my previous Gunpla works. It will be random and not in chronological order since I don't really remember when I did some of them. For starters, here's the Astray Red Frame. I built him around February 2006 and haven't gotten my airbrush yet.

When the kit came out way back as a non-grade 1/144 scale (not much mobility..pretty sucky) I had to have it. Even for a non-grade it had details that was quite amazing. I managed to get hold of it and built it using my very noob skills at that time. As time passed by I prayed that Bandai would come out with a bigger version of this fella.

And they did.

Woohooo! I quickly got myself one and worked on it. *Note: This kit was painted using handbrush, so excuse the certain...erm...how shall we say..errors on it..heh*

First of all, it was a fantastic kit. Despite being a non-grade 1/100, not only the details but the poseability to it was as though it was a Master Grade! Before painting, I snap fitted it and it took me a week just playing with this guy..yes..I played with him. Giving him cool poses and such.

Anyways, got to painting and adding the decals to him..so here are the images of this magnificent non-grade gunpla kit.

For those how don't know, the Astray Red Frame is from the Gundam Seed series. They never showed him in the normal series but had his own manga and one animated clip for promotions.

A good kit.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Masterpiece Starscream (MP03) Repaint to G1

My latest work comissioned by a friend.

As you all know (Transformer fans i mean) the Masterpiece Starscream that came out a while back was in dark green colour. I'm still wondering what the heck they were thinking, but I didn't care as much since its not really my cup of tea. Until now.

A friend of mine asked if I can do a repaint of the MP03 (the code for the Screamer) into his original Generation One colours (you know, during the 80's they had their cartoons..). I said,'Yeah sure!'. I was a bit excited and scared at the same time. This usually happens when you do repaints coz you're responsible for a customer's item. So I met him up, started doing some colour schemes and looked at references (which is the cartoons...and I love watching them..hah). Got a rough idea on how to paint the guy and sent in the scheme to my friend. He gave me the green light and I started work.

Here is the Screamer in all his fugly green colour (reminds me of those pesky little turtles which can fight...).

So I started working on it by taking it apart. Yeah, it was fun taking this guy apart coz from there I can see which part that I need to paint or not and not to mention the masking madness that needed to be done.

The progress. Before painting, I sanded the parts with 1000grit sandpaper and sprayed a nice thin layer of my own concoction.

Screamer half done.

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, I don't have the in-depth progress of the project, but the final product is done. It took me more than 2 weeks (without sleep and my busy schedule I could have popped this baby in a week..yeah!)

And here it is. Masterpiece Starscream with his traditional Generation One colours.

Robot Mode:

Jet Mode:

It was definitely a new experience for me and I kinda have this thought that my skills in airbrushing and modelling has increased a notch.

Stay tune for my next repaints true believers!

MP03 Starscream