Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Classics Nemesis Prime

A few months back Hasbro released the Ultra Magnus vs Skywarp Classics twinpacks. Nothing much but Magnus was just a repaint of Optimus and Skywarp was Starscream. A friend gave me an idea on creating/repainting Nemesis Prime. You see, in the world of Transformers, Nemesis is considered the bastard son of Unicron. He was created with the likeness of the Autobots beloved leader Optimus Prime. His bio says that he is considered equal to Optimus in strength and in mind but has a warped sense of everything that Optimus believes. In other words, a big bad version of Optimus Prime.

His colour scheme is black and light blue. And when classics Magnus came out, it was soon enough that someone had a bright idea to make a Nemesis version. Again I was given a task to repaint this fella into the Unicron's Champion...

Here you have the normal Classics Ultra Magnus (the paint scheme is pretty good...honest). Magnus is the one on the right. Yeah, the white and blue bot...(photo taken from

As usual, disassembling the fella and figuring out how to paint him. The scheme that I'm following is based on my previous Nemesis scheme. Using black and metallic blue green. I didn't want to go with the light blue since it looks rather...ordinary. I was looking for a an evil colour...and that metallic scheme has evil written all over it.

And so, the birth of Classics Nemesis Prime...(again with the help of my friend Arya in the photo session..)
Truck mode:
Robot mode:
Close up:

Nemesis Prime vs Optimus Prime...

Classics Nemesis Prime

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