Tuesday, April 24, 2007

More Classic Nemesis and Megatron

Well, currently I'm working on a Masterpiece Nemesis Prime (two of them, two clients..heh) and don't have any photos of the work in progress, I thought I'd put in some more of the pics of my latest work which is the Classics Nemesis and Megatron repaint.

Kudos to Arya (the photographer) for taking some time to do some extra photo taking session with our too-busy models Nemesis and Megatron. Next week they'll be flying to Paris for another photo shoot..the Viva-de la Classico Repaint Mode'.


Megatron in a scene from Transformers The Movie..

Nemesis in all his evil-ness...

By the way...the photo shoot in Paris was just a joke..so don't expect some kind of photo session upon my next update..heh..

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