Monday, December 29, 2008

Hasbro Millenium Falcon 2008


Alright! An update finally!! Okay...hope that everybody who follows this blog o' mine is patient with me...LOL...

Here's one of my works that I did for a friend a few weeks back...Did a few so I'll be updating RK Designs as much as I can...

Well, I was presented with a monumental task...yes, when I mention monumental I mean its HUGE! Recently Hasbro released a new mold for the Millenium Falcon. Triple the size of the original and with a large amount of detail to it. Sadly, being a toy it lacked depth of its details. I was planning to get one for myself and repainted it, but with a hefty price tag to it...I had to think many times and decided on a no...

Luckily I had a friend who wanted to upgrade his Falcon and I was eager to oblige to his here it is...With some pre-shading and also weathering.

Before: Priming...

Done: The Millenium Falcon

Close Ups:

I'm working on another Falcon, but the vintage series version. Hopefully I can make it look just as good.


Monday, November 10, 2008

TFA Nemesis and G1 Styling Jazz


Finally an update yah! Hehehe...well anyhoo, for the first posting after a long break I give two works that I manage to complete ever since I regained my freedom.

First up is the Transformers Animated Jazz which was repainted to the Nemesis color scheme. I worked the scheme along the way while doing it and the linings were a subtle touch just to show the dark attributes of this fella. Here it is...

TFA Nemesis Jazz

Vehicle Mode:

"Stop cramping up my style fools!" the second work that I completed is another Transformers Animated figure. This time around a repainted to G1 color scheme. Yeah...the original TFA Jazz was a tribute to the G1 Jazz but I felt that it wasn't there yet. So I gave him what I thought would be a proper G1 tribute. Omitting the number 4 which was on the original G1 look, I stylized the lines and gave it all the way to the back and inclusive of the side linings...

And here we are...

TFA Jazz with G1 Styling

Vehicle Mode:

Well...that's all for now...hope this is invigorating! LOL...

Next up will be some Work In Progress shots of the new Millennium Falcon repaint and also the Neo Protectobots...Stay tuned!


Thursday, October 16, 2008

No Updates For October

Hey all,

This isn't an update, just a small note to inform that I'm still alive and kicking. Reason? I received an email a few days ago from someone asking if RK Designs was still in business. Well, it still is and I would like to apologize to those who has been following my work and also to my clients/friends who hope to see their stuff being shown here.

For the month of October there will be no update, not because there isn't anything to show, it's just because the things to show aren't fully done yet. Again I apologize.

Reason for this? Well, it's been rather hectic in my schedule lately and to make time for my works is getting hard to come by. First its my day job, which takes up to almost 12 hours of it (lecturing in a local university and this semester has my students bugging me like crazy...hah!). Second its because of my studies (taking part time doing my Masters in Art and Design...and the amount of bleeding assignments and projects is putting me near death!...I see a tunnel..and a white light...wait...thats my room...LOL) and third are my small commitments (but this one is okay since I do get the occasional break from it...heh).

But just in case you all are interested in what's to come in November, here are some of the 'IN PROGRESS' works...

- Star Wars Millenium Falcon 2008 Edition (repaint)
- MG Akatsuki Conversion Kit (Gunpla)
- Transformers Alternators Army (which is going slow and steady...)
- Transformers Neo Protectobots (repaint and kitbash project)
- GaoGaiGar (conversion project)

Thats just a bit of the highlights. Okay, I'm off to continue with the stuff I mentioned earlier. Hope to see you all soon!


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Finemolds Tie Fighter and Tie Interceptor


Looks like my updates are getting lesser, guess my work and studies are really catching up on me. Anyhoo, among the midst of TF Alternators (which is still on a few more to go...) and Gunpla building, I manage to slip in some other Star Wars kits. Here are the Empire's fighters to counter the Rebels.

First up is the Tie Fighter, with amounts of details, one can only fault it being so damn small. It's the size of a palm...but all the goodness of detailing are there and not missed at all.

Finemolds Tie Fighter

And my favourite, the Tie Interceptor. Just like the Tie Fighter, the details are awesome and is way sleeker. I loved building these fighters, but I love the Interceptor more. It's awesome!

Finemolds Tie Interceptor

Now there you go for an update. Don't worry, there will be more to come.


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fine Molds 1/72 X-Wing Starfighter


Holy un-updated blog Batman! (tribute to Dark Knight movie)... I haven't been updating awhile (lot of things going day job, my part time misc jobs...heh...). Anyhoo, as I'm still working on the Alternator Army Project and also an Akatsuki conversion kit (this is an awesome Gundam kit!) I took a little break to do something different (just to get my bearings back in place that is...was losing focus on the akatsuki and army...) and was offered to do a some Star Wars model kits and not to mention, its from Fine Molds! Awhile back I did a 1/72 Y-Wing and now...lo' behold an X-Wing!

Okay, so what did I do? Nothing much but an experimental weathering technique (luckily it worked...hahaha) which I was dying to do. In my head (and also my friend who comissioned me the project...) was going for realism. I'm so used to doing clean and light shading on kits that doing weathering was sort of a challenge.

As you all remember, the X-Wings were considered the flagship fighters for the Rebel Alliance and in the episode A New Hope, it was said that these fighters were already battle weary and has seen some battles before Luke joined up. Hence the weathering of age old space battles. But I took it another step by making it look more weathered. And here it is...

Rebel Alliance X-Wing Starfighter: Red 5

There you go...May The Force Be With You...

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Alternator Jazz (G1 Styling Stripes)


Alright...I gotta be honest here, this is a project that I totally forgot that I did. Yeah. Totally left my mind about it. Guess the busy schedule and the amount of repaints that I'm doing for people sort of made me forget about this fella. The pictures were taken like ages ago...heh...

Okay, so what I did with this fella was a full body repaint and added the G1 stripes. Note that the stripes are painted on and are not decals whatsoever! I purposely didn't do the normal G1 markings since I look at it from a real person's point of view. If I were to own this car, I'd definitely just do the top stripes. The sides and are...erm...a bit too much. It's overkill.

So why the whole body paintjob? Simple, the plastic for this particular Alternator seems to be a bit off. I primed the whole body and gave it a new paintjob. Semi-gloss was just nice.

Here it is...the forgotten comission work...

Alternator Jazz with G1 Styling Stripes

Vehicle mode:

There you go. Another update...and I'm looking for anymore projects that I totally forgot...that is if there is...