Friday, December 30, 2011

1/60 Low Visibility VF-1S (Stealth Striker)


As we come to an end for 2011, I'm trying to post up as many works that I've done and haven't posted yet.

So what is it this time? Another Macross fighter. (I reaaaally love the fighters...they are like super smokin' hawt...) Well, actually I have a few valkyrie fighters that I am working on...finishing them requires finesse and I am so happy that my friend W.Hizal has been patient. (Thanks bro!).

Okay, the one I worked on is the Low Visibility version for the VF-1S. The original version didn't really have much 'life' in it and was a bit toyish. So after discussion, my friend seems to be a fan of the Katoki style camo. And that was what I worked with.

Now the undercoat for it was a tad lighter gray then the overall, since I'm doing the camo on it. And I wanted this guy to be more darker since it has been dubbed the Stealth Striker. Once the masking is done, and painted the overall color...I worked on the Strike packs, rather using the original gray plastic...I painted it black. It's gotta have black in it right?

What happened was the images that I took got corrupted. But thankfully my friend was pretty good at capturing the pics for the valks...they were even better than mine. So here it is in all it's glory...

1/60 VF-1S Stealth Striker Valkyrie
(photos courtesy of Wan Hizal - owner)

With Strike Packs

Gerwalk Mode

Battroid Mode

(in my overzealous to pass it to Hizal, I forgot to remove some of the masking

Alright, so that's about it friends...I'll see if I can post another of my works before the new year. If not, see you all next year!


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Sunday, December 25, 2011

MG GP03S - RKD Styling


Alright, looks like I'm back into Gunpla, since my last Gunpla post was way back in March this

So who is it to mark me coming back after some time? The GP03. Funny that I've had this kit like 3 times, and all of them I sold before getting a chance to do one for myself. And here, another GP03...but it belongs to my best friend who commissioned me to work on it. He's a pretty busy man, so what are friends for right?

Okay, so I kinda opt for a different approach for this guy. Did some different paint styles to him since I wanted to make it different from the normal out of box design. The inner parts or joints are painted with gunmetal silver of my own mixture. And the white areas are given a slight pre-shade, so it won't have that sparkly white look...and decals, well I had some extra Ka. stickers that was lying why not? Heh.


Alright...enough for now. Next up will be the MG S-Gundam, but with resin conversions. Muahahahahaha...

Peace out and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

DMK01 Bumblebee


Heh...a Transformer. Yep. It's been awhile eh? Well, actually this guys is a model kit actually. The term 'DMK' stands for 'Dual Model Kit'. Why? Beats me. Anyhoo, this kit is actually amazing with all the fantastic details and what not. Articulation is okay in my book. But a word of advice, this is definitely a model kit. It is not a toy. Some of the joints are a bit loose and quite fragile, and the kit being in scale with the other DMK01 Optimus Prime...yeah, he's smaller.

But with a little paint and glue (it's a non-transformable figure, which some 'fans' has a very long and really stupid discussion on...'if it's not transformable how can they be called transformers?') the kit is actually worthwhile and worth getting. The price is a bit steep, but I do enjoy the occasional challenge (I love Armored Core kits...and those are challenges)...

It seems Takara Tomy is venturing into the model kit realm and wants to grab a piece of the pie and also appeal to modellers with their Transformers line. But they do need to work on some of the quality especially the plastic and fittings. Regardless of all the problems, it's a good try and I would love to see more Transformer movie kits being done...since, that's the only thing that looks as close to the original look...heh.

Here's the DMK02 Bumblebee.

With weapon, closed fist and battle mask on.

I have the 'Work In Progress' shots and explanations on my Facebook Fanpage. So do drop by here (and don't forget to give a 'Like' ya!):


Since working on this guy, I've been fired up to work on my own DMK01 Optimus and hopefully can get it done soon.

Till next time!

Monday, December 5, 2011

1/35 M26 Pershing


Another military kit. One of my last military builds for 2011 I guess. The kit was finished way back in July and just realised that I haven't posted this guy yet here. LOL.

Okay, what is it? It's an M26 Pershing that I really had fun building. Really. Honest. Why? I dunno, just had some laughs doing it. Maybe when I first painted the figures, they looked like Batman's Joker...whoever said painting miniature figures was easy, I'd like to see them do it.

Basically, the technique applied was the same as one of my previous builds. But I applied more on the silver to create the wear and tear rather the application of light brown and some black. It was a simple build (and I think that was the reason I had fun...mueheheheh).

1/35 M26 Pershing

Yep. Another one. And also the last for 2011. Not the last post, just the last military build. Next year is another story. Can we all say...diorama? Lol.