Monday, December 5, 2011

1/35 M26 Pershing


Another military kit. One of my last military builds for 2011 I guess. The kit was finished way back in July and just realised that I haven't posted this guy yet here. LOL.

Okay, what is it? It's an M26 Pershing that I really had fun building. Really. Honest. Why? I dunno, just had some laughs doing it. Maybe when I first painted the figures, they looked like Batman's Joker...whoever said painting miniature figures was easy, I'd like to see them do it.

Basically, the technique applied was the same as one of my previous builds. But I applied more on the silver to create the wear and tear rather the application of light brown and some black. It was a simple build (and I think that was the reason I had fun...mueheheheh).

1/35 M26 Pershing

Yep. Another one. And also the last for 2011. Not the last post, just the last military build. Next year is another story. Can we all say...diorama? Lol.

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