What is RK Designs?

RK Designs Studio.

Who is RKD?

RK stands for Ryukaze. Yep. That's me. I'm the dude who's never grown out of toys, and now makes a little bit of living by helping collectors have their dream figures.

Now, I have been doing this for a long time...except that I went full on in 2007. Coinciding with the first Transformers movie. Managed to get some gigs during those time, but it was awesome.

I slowed down a bit due to burning out circa 2013. Well and also the coming of my beautiful baby girl. She came out early as a premature baby (6+ months)...so I sort of left customising for awhile.

But now I'm back, with renewed passion!

What do I do?


I customise toys. Refurbish them too!

What do I customise?

Toys! Hah! Well, my foundation is actually gundam modeling. So the ability to customise sorts of come with it. My main customising works are usually Gundams and Transformers, but I have dabbled in a lot more...for example, Star Wars, G.I. Joe are among the few.

Last words?

Well...if you want something to customise, look me up. If it's something that I can work with, then you got the right man for the job.


I usually take local orders and commissions, but after being in the business for awhile...I'm now international!

Some of my clients are from Australia, Indonesia, the US among other places.

No worries, I've got paypal now. *wink*