Thursday, December 19, 2013

RK Designs On Hold.

Hi everyone!

Sorry there hasn't been any new postings lately. There's a bunch of reasons, but most of all...

The birth of my newborn daughter.

Now, my daughter was born on the 8th of November 2013. She was born prematurely, at only 6 and a half months. Her arrival was supposed to be next February 2014, but I guess she wanted to come out early.

She's currently still in the hospital. Thank God that everything is okay, except that she needs to gain as much weight as well as learning to breath without a machine. She's a pretty strong little girl, which I am so thankful.

My wife and I are travelling to the hospital every night since the day she was born. She's kept in an incubator, so holding her has been to a minimum. Even I haven't held her in my arms, except for my wife.

So this is the reason of this posting and update. Due to this unforeseen factor, I have to HOLD all RK Designs projects that are currently in progress. I haven't found the right time to work on them since I work in the day, and as soon as I get home, rest a bit and head out to the hospital.

I hope that all my clients would understand my situation and be patient until I can get back to work. It has been a tiring emotional, mental and physical ride. But my priorities are to my newborn daughter. And I hope you all would truly understand what I'm going through.

As soon as my daughter comes home, and everything back to normal (which I'm not sure what normal is anymore...heh) RK Designs will be back in business and hopefully better and motivated than ever.

Thank you so much in advance and God bless.