Monday, October 26, 2009

ROTF Optimus Prime - Round Two!


Here's another ROTF Optimus Prime repainted. I did a little more on certain parts enhancing the mechanical parts as best as I could.

Round three and Nemesis should be just ard the corner now.


ROTF Optimus Prime

Close Ups:

With Swords:

Vehicle Mode:

Well, that's all for this fella. Stay tune folks for third round and nemesis!

Monday, October 5, 2009

ROTF Optimus Prime and Jetfire


As I'm touching up on some of the Neo Protectobots (due to the big move to my new place), I manage to finish two leader class bots (funny eh? it seems small robots are harder to work on than big bots...heh).

Well, here's another funny story...when Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen (ROTF) came out, I saw their new Optimus toy and sooo wanted one. But due to my low funds (recovering from my wedding and moving), I was hoping someone would actually send to me one so I can do some experimental work! Not to mention getting a chance to see how this new Prime works (and transform...hik...).

After many months of frustration seeing no one wanted to do any repaints and some have started their own repaint business (clap...clap...clap), I told myself to just give up on the waiting and do other things... sister in law saw my works...

She bought three primes. 1 to paint as nemesis, another to be upgraded and the other one...

...was for me! WOOHOOOOOOO...

And it didn't stop there! Another pal of mine passed me his Prime and Jetfire! And came another!

Wow...careful for what you wish. It might come true...heh...

So here's the first ROTF Prime and Jetfire that I worked on...

Optimus Prime

Close ups

Next up is...


For clearer pictures to see the details, just click on the images.

Okay that's all for now folks. Next up will be the remaining Neo Protectobots and...

ROTF Nemesis Prime...heh...