Saturday, July 19, 2014

Hasbro Ironman 2 War Machine (Re-Imagined)

Update! hard it is for me to update nowadays...hahahah...

Okay, so a little while ago (make that a few years) I was given by a friend an extra War Machine figure. Since it was an extra, I did it up into the milk version...if you all remembered it, here's the link:

I tried to sell it in the local market, but apparently nobody seemed to be interested (unless it was a Hot Toys figure...). So after some time, I stripped off the paint and planned to make another color scheme.

That was many months ago before my little Audrey was born.

Got back into painting after a long break and I need to finish up some Ironman figures. So I had to do some R&D in getting the right colors and I sort of stumbled upon this new color.

Getting inspiration, I remembered the War Machine that I was working on. The idea behind it now was a 'What if...' situation.

What if Tony Stark actually made the War Machine armour for himself?

This is your answer...

Yup...I think he looks pretty good, but I'm upset that the camera didn't manage to capture his 'true' colors like this:

Known as Candy Red with a base coat of gold and black. Might plan to sell it, but still pondering on that. Heh.

Until next time then!