Monday, February 28, 2011

MG Zeta Gundam 1.0 - Amuro version


Yup. I had an opportunity to work on a Master Grade Zeta Gundam version 1.0 (it's one of the earliest MG kits...). My good friend manage to get a good deal out of this and he has asked me to paint it with a very interesting color scheme. But there was something different about this guy...

It had 'blings'.

(photo courtesy of

Uh huh it was one of those special plated versions. And I for one, am a true hater of 'blings'. So getting a chance to un-'bling' this guy was a dream come true...hahahahaha...

So sanded most of the surface and primed it. Then applied the colors.

Here it is in all it's un-'bling' glory...LOL...

There you all go. My friend loved it so much and to be honest, so did I.

It's good to do Gunpla again. Don't you think so? ;)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

RK Designs Answers Some Questions Part 01

Lately I have received some emails and also private messages from those who has been following my work since 2007...actually, 2007 was the start of this blog and the naming of my studio.

I have been doing this for a long time. Really long.

So I'd like to answer some favourite questions that has been asked to me...

1. Dude, what happened to you?!

- Nothing happened to me. Just taking my time in doing my custom works and trying out and learning new techniques to further improve my skills...

2. Why no more Transformers?

- Actually I'm still doing them...just that I'm choosing my projects now so I can expand my skills. Doing Transformer repaints could burn me out in the future (again) so I'd rather play it safe and choose what I want to do...

3. Is it me or you're not as enthusiastic about your works anymore?

- That must be you, I'm still enjoying doing repaints and kitbashing. I just have different priorities now and you have to remember...this is just a hobby.

4. Aren't you jealous of other customisers that gets a whole lot of recognition when actually you've done some really crazier and way before them (example: MP Starscream repaint)?

- Erm...hahaha...none of it bothered me actually, I'm just doing it for the sake of the love of doing it...and actually I intend to retire from doing commissions and focus in doing my own stuffs...I do remember when I did the MP Starscream, there were a lot of criticism over it...but no one actually did try it out...and I do remember people saying I was crazy to do this, but in the end they were the ones that started commissioning me, so go answer your question,'s okay...hahahahaha

5. Bro, I've been wondering why you haven't gone international with your customs...why?

- Actually I have, but I don't parade it around telling people around me that I've gone international. There are a few customs that I have done for people from as far as America and as close as Singapore. Remember, I do it for the fun of it...not as a business...

6. Why haven't you bashed a Transformer figure and change it into something else?

- Time and money. I have a lot of customs that I'm doing for people so things for myself are usually secondary. And usually my clients has a certain criteria that they want. Can't be too imaginative right? But my kitbashing is usually done on Gundams...cause that's where my heart is...

7. Try to keep your blog updated man, we need to see your works once in's like chicken soup to my soul...LOL

- I'll try buddy. But you can't blame me for it, I just got other things that needs my attention more...

Well, hopefully those who read my blog would understand why there are times there are no updates. Just keep an eye or follow my blog, there will be updates.

It'll only stop when I'm dead.



Tuesday, February 22, 2011

NG 1/100 00 Raiser


Here we have another Gunpla build that I did a few weeks ago. Actually I've had this guy for quite sometime, but I fell back into the Gunpla mood just recently. I'm proclaiming that this is MY own personal build. LOL. So, this isn't a commission.

The original version was the design color version. I hated it.

I prefer my Gundams to be Gundams.

So I chose a darker aggressive blue to bring out the powerful build of the 00 Gundam. He has a very big build, something akin to a body builder. And I wanted to show that. Got myself waterslide decals from Bandai and I was ready to go.

Primed and base painted it. For the blue I base painted it gray. Further enhancing the blue.

Nuff' said, here it is.

NG 1/100 00 Raiser

That's all or now...see you in a few hours...(gasp...yep...there's more updates!)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Master Grade 00 Qan[T]


Here's another build. After working on tanks so much, doing Gunpla is like a holiday for me! LOL.

Well, I was commissioned by a friend of mine to do up his MG OO Qan[T]. At first I had my doubts on the kit, but after playing with it...erm...I mean testing the kit that is, it's a pretty solid model. So what did I plan for the guy? He wanted it to be out of box built. Simple and doesn't differ so much from the original look.

But I still intend to do something different about it. So I chose a stronger and aggressive tone of blue. I combined two types of blue to get it just right. The white was a few coats and I tried to get it as evenly as possible. Decals were straight out of the box and no extras were added.

Alright, here it is then...

Master Grade 00 Qan[T]
No Armaments


There's more Gundams in the workshop right now. So keep your peepers peeled!

Tamiya 1/35 M4A3 Sherman


Here's another tank that I did a while back. Actually there is a bunch of stuff that I've finished doing, just that I've been a bit lazy to update. Sorry's been hectic a bit and when I do get the time to do some updating...well...

Okay, enough what's with the Sherman (aside from having such an interesting name for a tank...)? Well, I had some ideas on the color scheme but I agreed with my client in doing a winter color scheme. The cool thing about this particular kit is that it had an abundance of details and accessories.

Here's another notch on my military build!

Tamiya 1/35 M4A3 Sherman

Hokay...that's about it for the Sherman. More to come! So stay tune!