Sunday, February 27, 2011

RK Designs Answers Some Questions Part 01

Lately I have received some emails and also private messages from those who has been following my work since 2007...actually, 2007 was the start of this blog and the naming of my studio.

I have been doing this for a long time. Really long.

So I'd like to answer some favourite questions that has been asked to me...

1. Dude, what happened to you?!

- Nothing happened to me. Just taking my time in doing my custom works and trying out and learning new techniques to further improve my skills...

2. Why no more Transformers?

- Actually I'm still doing them...just that I'm choosing my projects now so I can expand my skills. Doing Transformer repaints could burn me out in the future (again) so I'd rather play it safe and choose what I want to do...

3. Is it me or you're not as enthusiastic about your works anymore?

- That must be you, I'm still enjoying doing repaints and kitbashing. I just have different priorities now and you have to remember...this is just a hobby.

4. Aren't you jealous of other customisers that gets a whole lot of recognition when actually you've done some really crazier and way before them (example: MP Starscream repaint)?

- Erm...hahaha...none of it bothered me actually, I'm just doing it for the sake of the love of doing it...and actually I intend to retire from doing commissions and focus in doing my own stuffs...I do remember when I did the MP Starscream, there were a lot of criticism over it...but no one actually did try it out...and I do remember people saying I was crazy to do this, but in the end they were the ones that started commissioning me, so go answer your question,'s okay...hahahahaha

5. Bro, I've been wondering why you haven't gone international with your customs...why?

- Actually I have, but I don't parade it around telling people around me that I've gone international. There are a few customs that I have done for people from as far as America and as close as Singapore. Remember, I do it for the fun of it...not as a business...

6. Why haven't you bashed a Transformer figure and change it into something else?

- Time and money. I have a lot of customs that I'm doing for people so things for myself are usually secondary. And usually my clients has a certain criteria that they want. Can't be too imaginative right? But my kitbashing is usually done on Gundams...cause that's where my heart is...

7. Try to keep your blog updated man, we need to see your works once in's like chicken soup to my soul...LOL

- I'll try buddy. But you can't blame me for it, I just got other things that needs my attention more...

Well, hopefully those who read my blog would understand why there are times there are no updates. Just keep an eye or follow my blog, there will be updates.

It'll only stop when I'm dead.



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