Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Master Grade 00 Qan[T]


Here's another build. After working on tanks so much, doing Gunpla is like a holiday for me! LOL.

Well, I was commissioned by a friend of mine to do up his MG OO Qan[T]. At first I had my doubts on the kit, but after playing with it...erm...I mean testing the kit that is, it's a pretty solid model. So what did I plan for the guy? He wanted it to be out of box built. Simple and doesn't differ so much from the original look.

But I still intend to do something different about it. So I chose a stronger and aggressive tone of blue. I combined two types of blue to get it just right. The white was a few coats and I tried to get it as evenly as possible. Decals were straight out of the box and no extras were added.

Alright, here it is then...

Master Grade 00 Qan[T]
No Armaments


There's more Gundams in the workshop right now. So keep your peepers peeled!


  1. Are u repainted them or just snapfit and add the decals?
    btw, just dropping by.


  2. i paint them...then add the decals...i won't bother posting it if it's not painted...where's the art in that right? lol

  3. Looks Great Ryu! Glad to have you back doing Gunpla! :)

  4. thanks for the comment guys...and don, i never left gunpla, how can i leave it? it's in my blood! hahahaha