Monday, February 28, 2011

MG Zeta Gundam 1.0 - Amuro version


Yup. I had an opportunity to work on a Master Grade Zeta Gundam version 1.0 (it's one of the earliest MG kits...). My good friend manage to get a good deal out of this and he has asked me to paint it with a very interesting color scheme. But there was something different about this guy...

It had 'blings'.

(photo courtesy of

Uh huh it was one of those special plated versions. And I for one, am a true hater of 'blings'. So getting a chance to un-'bling' this guy was a dream come true...hahahahaha...

So sanded most of the surface and primed it. Then applied the colors.

Here it is in all it's un-'bling' glory...LOL...

There you all go. My friend loved it so much and to be honest, so did I.

It's good to do Gunpla again. Don't you think so? ;)


  1. looks great! Now, can I have it back?

  2. that u have to ask hanan...u know, the guy u sold it to...wahahaha

  3. uik? rotten elbow! hahahahah...!