Thursday, March 24, 2011

TFTM Leaderclass Brawl (ver.2)


Yup. After quite some time taking a break from repainting Transformer figures, doing this guy somehow was kinda nice. Yeah, it was a good thing that I took a break from doing them, cause I was really burned out. Three years plus of repainting TF's took it's toll on me.

Okay, so the TFTM Leaderclass Brawl belonged to a friend of mine and here was how it actually looked like.

The client wanted it to be painted green with minimal weathering. But me being me, I wanted to put in an extra mile to it. So what happens when I do that? This is what happens...LOL.

TFTM Leaderclass Brawl (ver.2)

There will be more Transformer repaints and kitbashing, that I can assure you. But for now, this is it...

Later people!

MG Zetaplus C1


Another Gundam build I did awhile back. Actually this guy was finished way back but I kinda forgot where I stashed the pictures. Yeah, I got hidden compartments on my laptop. Anyhoo, this is how he looks like before being painted. (My wife suggested I do a before and after thing going on here...)

(photo courtesy of

And this is how he looks like after. Just changed the blue color scheme and tried out this new gray scheme I wanted to do. Here he is.

MG Zetaplus C1

The Zetaplus C1 is a transformable mecha. And you must be wondering, where's his alternate mode? Heh...Sorry, I sort of forgot to take photos of it. LOL...

Ciao Bello!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Trumpeter 1/35 Flakvierling Truck


A military build. Yup, not that it's been's just that I've been dabbling in other things. What is it you ask? Heh...that's a you have to wait and see kinda thingy...

Okay so what do I have here? This time around it's a Trumpeter kit. There were loads of detailing inside it (literally inside) and it was...erm...kinda fun (if you can say a large amount of swearing is fun that is...). All in all a sturdy build but I'd do a Tamiya kit anytime (sorry Trumpeter, my fingers are sore...)...

So here it is, Trumpeter's 1/35 Flakvierling truck...

There's going to be more. Yessirs! Why? Client picked it up so now I can reveal the other works that I've done...

Till next time!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hasbro Star Wars Republic Gunship


Finally! I can post this guy up. Heh...this guy was done up for quite sometime and just recently the owner can pick it up (conflicting of time...) and due to my policy of not posting works that are done till the owner picks it was awhile...

Okay, now here is the fella before the repaint...

So what was supposed to be done? Actually the owner wanted it weathered. Make it look less toyish but more to a military transport carrier. So I applied the usual weathering style for Star Wars vehicles but I stopped at using my 'space dust' technique. Why? Well for one thing, the gunships didn't do much battle in space. It was more of a ground infantry support/transport cruiser. So I decided not to apply that technique. I kept the weathering a little heavy on the nosecone, wings and undercarriage. The rest was light since it didn't face much wind resistance. It's fun how you utilize real life physics on models/toys (and common sense) to get the right look.

Here's the Republic Gunship. (yeah...I do everything...not just TRANSFORMERS and Gundams...LOL)

There you go, the Republic Gunship. Upcoming a few more Star Wars vehicles in waiting. So stay tuned. Oh before I forget, this gunship belongs to a local collector. Just wanted to put that in...heh...