Thursday, March 24, 2011

TFTM Leaderclass Brawl (ver.2)


Yup. After quite some time taking a break from repainting Transformer figures, doing this guy somehow was kinda nice. Yeah, it was a good thing that I took a break from doing them, cause I was really burned out. Three years plus of repainting TF's took it's toll on me.

Okay, so the TFTM Leaderclass Brawl belonged to a friend of mine and here was how it actually looked like.

The client wanted it to be painted green with minimal weathering. But me being me, I wanted to put in an extra mile to it. So what happens when I do that? This is what happens...LOL.

TFTM Leaderclass Brawl (ver.2)

There will be more Transformer repaints and kitbashing, that I can assure you. But for now, this is it...

Later people!


  1. is it me or mmg wheels tu nampak too reddish?

    p/s: Blast mark mana? Kui3...

  2. That was cool, bro. Good job! :)

  3. boyargue: yep...i didn't repaint that part, just added some drybrushing...i kinda like it...hahaha..
    ps: blast mark tuh bukan aku punya kerjaaa yaaa

    janus: thanks bro!

  4. hohohoho...akhirnye.. masuk jugak dalam post blog abe ryukaze ! :P thx alot bro..nak cakap jugak..

    "i am once again a satisfied customer !"

    finishing tip top bro !

    thx !

  5. problem EJ, thanks as well for letting me be creative with this guy...

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