Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thor Movie Display 01 - Official Hasbro Work


It's been a month since I've posted something new. And with good cause. Lately I've been pretty busy with a bunch of commissioned works that I've been slowly clearing up.

About a month plus or so, I was called by my good friend Alan from Toypicasso if I would be interested to work with him in doing some official commission works from Hasbro. I was speechless at that time and thinking of my luck, I agreed.

With close supervision by Alan, I was given my first job from Hasbro. I told him I've never done dioramas before so he passed me something I could start off with.

The project was to prepare a display case for a 12" Thor movie figure. You see, this figure didn't have any kind of super poseability. Basic articulation and a light up hammer. Here's the figure...

The detailing is pretty good, and the face mold has a very close likeness to Chris Hemsworth.

Okay, since being my first work...I pulled in another pair of hands to help me out. Who else but my wife. She was quite excited about it since she loves to do crafts and stuff. So we set out on our concept. We agreed on doing Asgardian. Alan said it sounded good since we can't do much with the figure.

After cutting, assembling and painting...this is how it looks like.

This emblem was handmade by my wife. It was pretty good since she used mainly household items and some 3D paint.

How the figure stands along with the display.

These are photos taken at Alan's workshop. (Photos courtesy of Alan from Toypicasso)

It was really awesome to be able to work with Alan on this project. He taught me some techniques on painting and how to do toy figure displays. More to come he says, and I can only nod and be ready to do more!

But the best thing, is that I get to do something together with my beloved wife who has been my cheerleader and support in what I do. For once, we can share in doing something...and be proud of it...

(Photo courtesy of Mr. Abdul Hanan Ismail)

This display can be seen at the entry way to the cinemas in Cathay Cinplex (e@Curve or formerly known as Cineleisure), Damansara.

Till next time!


  1. That is darn cool, bro. Love your work! :)

  2. nice going guys! Just wait when I got the funds, gonna ask you guys to do a 1/60 Macross hangar, can ya?

  3. janus: thanks a lot bro

    boyarque: thanks buddy, and sure...i think me and alan wouldn't mind doing that..

  4. Btw, I link this to :P