Friday, April 22, 2011

Tamiya 1/35 King Tiger


Here's another military model that I was working on a while back, finished it prior to my Hasbro work and has been in my hard drive for quite sometime (the pictures that is...hah).

After doing so many spot on colors, I decided this time to try my hand at camouflage...yep. Going into the unknown. That's me alright. So I went around researching on how to do camo. There were so many techniques, but I had to look for something that I can do as a beginner. And something that's around my style of airbrushing.

The first trial that I did, was plasticine. Using it as masking. The outcome? Bad. Really bad. I won't show it here cause I was embarrassed by it. Seriously it was bad. Imagine just this...octopus tentacles going up a tank. Yup. It was horrendous.

After a lot of revising on my technique, I discovered the one that I liked. So the rest was it is:

Tamiya 1/35 King Tiger (Camo version)

I think it was a good try (my client liked it) so I guess now it's just about improving and refining. All I can say it was fun!

Until next time then!


  1. Meee likeyyyyyy....can do this on a fighter plane?

  2. hahaha...of course i can bro...why? u wanna do one? heh

  3. My Valks ARE my fighters, lol!