Monday, April 25, 2011

Trumpeter 1/35 Hind-E


Another military build, but a different kind of craft. This time around it's a 'choppa' or a helicopter. Yep, aside from the usual Transformers heli...I'm doing an actual model of a heli. And it's scaled at 1/35. Imagine that.

Okay, there were a lot color schemes to choose from and I was thinking of doing one with camo. But then, I just acquired the camo skill so better think of something else. This particular model (or any kind of chopper) if not done right there will be a lot of problems. It's not a tank which I can just re-spray it later. So upon discussion with my client, he gave me the green light to do as I please.

So I opt for the gray colored scheme. First, I think that gray is always awesome on air crafts. Two, it will be able to complement the engine parts that will be having it's hatch opened...

Engine components were done with gunmetal and drybrushed with silver and cockpit area is painted matte black also with silver drybrushing. The whole body was done with some simple pre-shades just to bring out the curves of the chopper.

Here it is...

Trumpeter 1/35 Hind-E
(note that this guy is quite big, and I don't really have a big are for photo taking...heh)

The natural light kinda reminds me of the series Airwolf. Heh.

Till next time!


  1. The natural light does add bonus to your photo shooting, it makes the visual become more realistic. Good job bro! :)

  2. whoa man! The shading looks awesome! I loike!