Wednesday, December 17, 2014

KFC Citizen Stack (Ultra Magnus) War Torn Edition

Update! (Another belated one...heh)

Here's another 3rd party Transformers figure from KFC Toys (it's not the finger lickin' good kind alright...) which I happened to worked on before for another friend of mine.

Unlike the first one that I did, this was the first edition version. So there were some drawbacks especially the joints. They were a bit loose and had some minor flaws in it.

Then I fixed it. Hah!

Based on the request by the owner, he wanted a more wear and tear kind of look. Something not so clean yet still retains most of his dashing good looks...bwahahahaha...

Well, here's the guy...which I aptly named...

KFC Citizen Stack (Ultra Magnus) War Torn Edition

                                            After:                                                         Before:

Close up shots:

The back shots:

Vehicle Mode:

I have to admit that I extremely had fun doing this. There were some new techniques that I tried out and it came out beautifully. So there's one more level up skill that I acquired. Yay!

Till next time! Beedo Beedo Beedo...

Hasbro Iron Man Mk4 Secret Project Ver.

Update! (Belated...heh)

Okay, a commissioned work from a client from Indonesia. (Told you I was going international...)

I was contacted a few months back to do a Hasbro Iron Man Mk4 figure custom. After discussing and suggested color designs, I got cracking. Before anything I had to go hunt the figure

So, I used Hot Toy's Secret Project figure as a base reference and added in some of my own personal touches as well as my own mix of paint. I wanted the prototype style colors yet having a nice metal feel to it without looking too metal like.

A few trials of mixing gray and silver managed to get me the right mixture I wanted.

So here it is:

Iron Man Mk4 Secret Project Ver. RKD

The figure is now with the owner and he is superbly satisfied with it. Phew. Here's what he had to say about it, not to mention he sent me a photo of the figure in a diorama.

This is the reason I do what I do. I love it when a client is happy with the work and most of all, they get the figure they dreamed about. Money was just the extra part...heh

Till next time!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Deluxe Transformers Movie Sideswipe


It takes me ages to do an update, even if the works done a while back. Heh.

Well, let's hope that next'll be faster. Hahahahah...

Anyhoo, It's been a long time since I've actually worked on a movieverse Transformer figure. Had a few that I worked on my my brother asked,"So...when is this gonna be finished?".

I could never answer that.

Hokay, so here is a deluxe Sideswipe. Originally it's a repaint edition of the sidearm what I'm doing is actually a repaint from a repaint...hahaha...

Enough talk...let's get to it...

Deluxe Sideswipe (Premium Edition Repaint)

There ya go...

Until next time...cheerios!