Wednesday, December 17, 2014

KFC Citizen Stack (Ultra Magnus) War Torn Edition

Update! (Another belated one...heh)

Here's another 3rd party Transformers figure from KFC Toys (it's not the finger lickin' good kind alright...) which I happened to worked on before for another friend of mine.

Unlike the first one that I did, this was the first edition version. So there were some drawbacks especially the joints. They were a bit loose and had some minor flaws in it.

Then I fixed it. Hah!

Based on the request by the owner, he wanted a more wear and tear kind of look. Something not so clean yet still retains most of his dashing good looks...bwahahahaha...

Well, here's the guy...which I aptly named...

KFC Citizen Stack (Ultra Magnus) War Torn Edition

                                            After:                                                         Before:

Close up shots:

The back shots:

Vehicle Mode:

I have to admit that I extremely had fun doing this. There were some new techniques that I tried out and it came out beautifully. So there's one more level up skill that I acquired. Yay!

Till next time! Beedo Beedo Beedo...

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