Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Latest news!

I am proud to announce that RK Designs Studio has partnered up with Kelembai Studios and Firecrackers Sdn Bhd in a business venture.

We'll be working together to develop custom designed toys and figures for the masses.

Stay tuned for the products that we will be launching.

More updates and news coming your way soon!


Friday, March 27, 2015

Harian Metro Feature


Yeah...as the title states, I'm in the newspaper. Heh.

A couple of months back I was asked for an interview about my hobby of collecting toys and doing custom works for toys as well...

So I gave an honest interview, about my point of view in collecting. Why I collect and so on and so forth...

Interview was done by a Bernama journalist which is also my wife's best friend (Thanks enol!). The feature could be taken by any newspaper online or traditional...

Last week I was featured in Bernama's very own website and today, on Harian Metro...

I'm excited and happy to be able to share my views in toy collecting, since there are those who still don't understand why some people do it.

For me, it's not just about the passion...it's about the art in it.

So if you're a local (Malaysian), grab a copy of today's Harian Metro (27th March 2015)...heh...

(Photos are credited to my dear wife Irina Muis...heheheh)

Generations Slipstream


Remember the Seekers posting? Remember I told you that there were more Seekers later that came into the Decepticon history?

Well this is one of them...

Made from Generations Windblade, this lady Seeker was given a new paint job. The color scheme sort of followed loosely on a bunch of fan arts and concept designs for the character.


A Decepticon fembot to be feared!

Till next time! Cheerios!

Decepticon Seekers (TF Prime version)


It took me 3 months to realise that I haven't updated my blog. Sigh.

And it took me also 3 months to realise that I have not shared or posted a work for a friend which has been done ages ago. Sigh again.

Okay...so let's get cracking...

The project that I'm sharing today is the most famous Decepticon team in the Transformers history. No matter what reality or storyline, they will be around and has always been a group that is feared...

The Decepticon Seekers.

Now the original Seekers team had 3 main members, Starscream (Commander), Skywarp and Thundercracker. Along the years, there has been additions and not to mention untold Seekers...

So this rendition of the Seekers team was thought off by my client. He wanted a more menacing team, and he saw that the Transformer's Primes series Dreadwing had a strong omnious design...so the task to repaint and restructure the head came to play...

I present the Decepticon Seekers (TF:Prime ver.)




Well, I enjoyed painting these guys aside from masking hell...but they turned out okay...

So till my next update!