Monday, March 15, 2010

TFTM Protoform Optimus Prime (G1 Tribute)


I've had this figure for some time and thought that I'd give it a different look. So I gave it a traditional G1 feel to it.

TFTM Protoform Optimus Prime

Meteor Mode:

Thats all for now folks!

TFU Ironhide (G1 Tribute)


Here's another TFU figure that I have been working on since last year. Same treatment I gave to Ratchet. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I fixed the head issue that came with this figure. Did a little cutting and modding and wallah...its done!

TFU Ironhide

Next Up is TFTM Protoform Prime!!

TFU Ratchet (G1 Tribute)


This project has been going on with me for the longest time. Started it since last year and up till last week I managed to finish it. Why? For a lot of reasons is all I can say. Repainted this lovely piece of Transformer re-imaging into his original G1 colors. Heh...and for once, it was for me.

Autobot Ratchet

'Dammit Prime, I'm a doctor not a Dinobot!'

Next up is Ironhide!

Monday, March 1, 2010

ROTF Nemesis Prime


Yup..another one for the day...and's here...

NEMESIS PRIME...the Revenge of the Fallen version!!!

Actually I'm working on two of them but manage to finish this one first. The second has green flames (my sister in-law insisted on that...heh). So worked on this and got it done awhile back and here it is.

ROTF Nemesis Prime RK Designs vers.

There you go folks...more to come as always...

ROTF Autobot Twins Skids and Mudflap


Well, another good friend of mine asked if I can work something out for this fella. Not sure how many of you guys have seen it but I can sure as heck tell that its really ridiculous.

But a job is a job and I intended to make this guys look at least display worthy.


After: him look better.

Yamato 1/48 VF1S Roy Focker (Weathered vers RKDes)


Missed out a lot of updates for last month, but hopefully this will be able to cover for it.

A friend came to me awhile back and asked if I could improve the look of his beat down VF1S valkyrie from the macross series.

This is how it looked before:

He wanted a weathered look among fixing it up as well. So I had a look at it and I got an idea on what to do.

So here it is...

VF1S (weathered version RK Designs) photos courtesy of owner.

Thats all folks...interested in doing this, you can contact me via email at