Sunday, December 25, 2011

MG GP03S - RKD Styling


Alright, looks like I'm back into Gunpla, since my last Gunpla post was way back in March this

So who is it to mark me coming back after some time? The GP03. Funny that I've had this kit like 3 times, and all of them I sold before getting a chance to do one for myself. And here, another GP03...but it belongs to my best friend who commissioned me to work on it. He's a pretty busy man, so what are friends for right?

Okay, so I kinda opt for a different approach for this guy. Did some different paint styles to him since I wanted to make it different from the normal out of box design. The inner parts or joints are painted with gunmetal silver of my own mixture. And the white areas are given a slight pre-shade, so it won't have that sparkly white look...and decals, well I had some extra Ka. stickers that was lying why not? Heh.


Alright...enough for now. Next up will be the MG S-Gundam, but with resin conversions. Muahahahahaha...

Peace out and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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