Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Landmine Reformatted to Darkmine

This repaint job was considered one of my first jobs that I did (there were a few that I did, repainted some Knock-Off Transformers..but it was pretty bad..the mold I mean). Here we have Landmine (Energon series). A simple coloured bot with a simple look. A friend of mine wanted to do something different (he had two of go figure rite?). He presented to me a Nemesis Prime colour scheme. He gave me some references, and there I followed the scheme. Since it was my first real Transformer repaint work, it was pretty challenging and not to mention my masking skills were still in the noob level.

Here's Landmine in his original colours. (image from )

Once the repaint was done, it was pretty good despite being one of my first repaint using an airbrush...Not much photo I took for this guy and couldn't do much pose as well, coz when I repainted this fella, the joint system was a total loss to me...heh...

Arise Darkmine...

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